Solved: Discuss the organizational culture at College t

Discuss the organizational culture at College through your view of artifacts. What do you think the College values? How has the culture of the College contributed to or distracted from your coursework performance? Explain and support fully.

Expert Answer

The organizational culture is a shared beliefs and values that people in an organization relate to and which guides the actions of people within that organization.

The artifacts are basically symbols of the organizational culture and could be rituals, language spoken or some form of symbols or structures within an organization campus.

As far as our college goes the organizational culture is basically that of promoting meritocracy and academic excellence and providing for all round development of students. This is reflected in the various trophies and awards on display in the reception of the college that has been won by students of the college in several competitions, which clearly reflects the high degree of emphasis put by our college on achieving excellence in its field. The stories of all round success and achievements by alumni of the college is also part of the college folklore. All this suggest an organizational culture which values hard work and striving for success and excellence.

As seen from above, the college clearly values hard work and glorifies achievements in the field of academics as well as extracurricular activities. It want to maintain and build on its excellent credentials and past track record of producing individuals who have gone on to achieve significant success in life.

This culture of stressing on hard work and need to excel and achieve in academics and sports as well as other activities have led to increase in concentration for me. It had a positive effect of increased focus and inculcating determination to work hard in order to achieve personal objectives.

The peer group has also been a source of healthy competition which has also helped to realize one’s potential and led one to strive further for improvement. On an overall basis, the culture at college has definitely made me a more focused person with better all round skills and also helped in achieving desired performance levels.

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