Solved: Discuss Scott Monty’s quote, “What happens in Vegas

Discuss Scott Monty’s quote, “What happens in Vegas stays on Google” (Jordon-Meier, 2011, p. 75). What are the implications of this concept for organizational crisis planning?

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Solved: Discuss Scott Monty’s quote, “What happens in Vegas
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With the kind of technology nowadays, nothing is private when it comes to an organization. Whatever happens is well known to the stakeholders, the investors, and even the customers. A company needs to have a good organizational crisis planning. In case an organization is faced with a crisis, this will always be available to everyone who cares to know about the organization.

The crisis should be planned even before it occurs. An organization should have a flexible organization culture that will accept change when it happens. Nobody wants to be involved with an organization that has crisis or scandals and whenever they appear could ruin the state of the organization. It is, therefore, the joint responsibility of the organization to protect their reputation and learn to handle things away from the public eye. This, in turn, will always safeguard the reputation of the organization, making it have a good standing.

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