Solved: Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Strategic Planning Hello,

Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Strategic Planning


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Solved: Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Strategic Planning Hello,
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Please respond to this First Message, and the responses posted by your classmates. Your initial response to this First Message should be at least 200 words in length and be supported with citations/references to credible sources including the course text.

Design thinking, systems thinking, and strategic planning are three distinct approaches to improving the performance of a health care organization. Compare and contrast design thinking, systems thinking, and strategic planning. How do these three approaches to health care management complement one another?

Expert Answer

System thinking is a way of thinking which states that rather than going into the details of problem being solved. Look at the things consisting of problems from a macro perspective where focus is on other things that affect this thing or are affected by it. It is the process of breaking things down into their component parts in order to understand them. It is associated with analysis. For example a new product can be thought of its impact on competitiors, brands and customer financial performance.

Design thinking focuses on building things up and creating. It is associated with synthesis. It has a more narrow focus than system thinking. A new product can be thought of creating a product that satisfies customers rather than looking at its impacts on other things.

Strategic thinking is concerned with what do we do in order to develop a strategic plan.stratgic plan, a long term plan is develop through a logical thinking of all aspects, creating all possible hypothesis and considering all possible outcomes. The analysis done here is strategic thinking .thinkers uses various tools like porter’s framework.BCG matrix an MC Kinsey framework. Strategic thinking is more analytical, decision oriented and directional.

These three complements each other in various ways:

  • A strategy would be enhanced by system thinking because it looks at each part of the business in relation to the profitability and long-term success of the whole organization.
  • System thinking is the awareness of entire system. Strategic thinking is about where you are, where you want to be, and how to close the gap. In order to operate most effectively, systems thinking should be a part of every step of a strategic process.
  • There can be no strategy without understanding the system and there can be no system without a strategy
  • Design thinking enables innovation practitioners to avoid the extremes of over thinking and under thinking in strategic thinking.

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