Solved: Describe your reflection, after you watching the TED that is Do schools kill creativity?

Describe your reflection, after you watching the TED that is Do schools kill creativity? by Ken Robinson.

Expert Answer

It was a great talk , an entertaining one which very nicely brought out the demerits of the public education system.

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Solved: Describe your reflection, after you watching the TED that is Do schools kill creativity?
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Rightly said, we all are taught and made to learn in school to bring out a particular quality/subject(since curriculums were based on industrialism).

  • There are many subjects in school, but the main focus is given to mathematics, sciences, history, then come languages and finally remain craft, arts and physical education.
  • The idea that these subjects were not considered important came down from the fact that these subjects were not graded. So obviously parents didn’t take these seriously, and so students also could not.

I remember an incident when I had to draw my name slide creatively in the Drawing class. For one full week, whenever I tried to start working on it, there were assignments from other subjects, mid terms. So finally one night before the class, after completing all other work, I stood up till 1am and then managed to do it.

  • Not everyone does that, not everyone can do that, very few are able to follow their interests, a reason also why we are not left with hobbies .
  • We are also not allowed to go wrong in school. If there is a way of how a problem mujst be done , you ought to do it that way,If you bring out a innovative method that is not given in the book, you end up losing a good grade.

We were not awarded for something creative we did, rather punished…

And nowadays, in corporate culture they ask:

Why don’t you have original ideas? Well they know the reason…

  • Same goes for Work as well, enterprenuership / innovation is just to talk about/ people encorage it for others , noone allows it in their own/ risks it.

There is a story about Albert Einstein’s school time where his mother was told in a letter that her son is mentally unfit to stay in school. She told her son this is as “the school feels your mind is diverse and should not be restricted in school curculum”. So she taught him athim. And the rest is history.

  • Mr Ken talked about Intelligence being diverse, dynamic and distinct, what creativity is: Original ideas having substance/value. We see those results with startups and appreciate them. They defy the normal society norms after school/college days and built based their ideas. Just think what could be your world if these ideas were nurtured during school days. just think…
  • Mr Robinson talked about the story of jinie- the dancer; I would like to talk about my own.

I loved to dance. It was kind of in my blood. But there was no subject in my school. In my society, there used to be social clubs. My mother,inspite being busy in her teaching schedule , joined that to develop her sons’s personalities. I performed my first stage dance there. I did that for quite sometime but that used to be like once in a quater or 6 months (school curriculum you know). I left that after class 10, used with sience coaching, engineering, then job. It was during my masters(a 1 year mba) that I got to perform again, and that was just in a week’s time. I prepared a team(many danced for 1st time), we practised just for few hours daily and performed. The chief guest our dean was enthrilled by our energy and praised us all. Next day I went to him for an assignment and he said(I clearly remember his words),”Aren’t you the one who danced yesterday. You were superb,excellent. Your energy is great. The big leaders, corporate holders are not ones who have great aptitude or intelligence, it is their passion. I have seen that in you, you will go a long way”. Those words boosted me like anything. I had a great on campus job and its been 3 months, I danced here too. More than my work, the partner(owner) of my firm knows me- my dancing skills gave me that visibility. I am not pursuing a career in this but I just mean to say if you have a passion going, everything in life gets a direction and you see the change, you grow, you live.

I would like to summarise by the famous qoute:

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.

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