Solved: Describe in a 2-3 page paper what exact documents you have in your career portfolio

Describe in a 2-3 page paper what exact documents you have in your career portfolio. List them one-by-one. State how it looks to you and how effective you believe this will be. Have you utilized this as yet during an Interview? Have you also assembled an electronic portfolio?

Introduction–state your industry and what value you anticipate the portfolio will be of to you.

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Solved: Describe in a 2-3 page paper what exact documents you have in your career portfolio
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Respond to questions above


Expert Answer


I work as a fashion designer with a leading brand that is known to manufacture ethnic garments. I graduated from a leading university with a degree in Fashion Design with specialization in oriental textiles. I started with a local production house dealing in chinese ethnic garments. I joined my current organization in 2012 and working here since then. I have appeared in several interviews for job, and strongly feel that it is very important to showcase your work through a well designed portfolio, whatever your industry may be. Given below are some elements of your career portfolio.

1. Your detailed resume highlighting your work history, projects undertaken, success stories, achievements, challenges and a hint of your aspirations.

2. Your certificates of qualification, transcripts of degrees and other public examinations.

3. Certifications and appreciation letter from previous employers, teachers, colleagues etc.

4. A portfolio of your work. In my case, it is the designs created by me.

Getting these handy with you is surely going to help in interview, because it helps to connect with the prospective employer who can assess if you are a good match with the expectations from the role. I have utilized it in my interviews with success, showcasing my work so far and winning accolades. An electronic portfolio is helpful, stands out from the rest, and helps to assess your suitability by the employer in a better manner.You stand a better chance of being shortlisted for an interview with an electronic portfolio.

The portfolio is a picture of your career so far which helps an employer to know you better. It tells the other person, what you are, how you have fared so far and what potential you hold for future and how much value you can create if selected for a job.

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