Solved: Describe how small informal groups evolve

Describe how small informal groups evolve

– What is the difference between “outsourcing” and “offshoring”? What are some of the most commonly outsourced patient care services?
–  Describe the role of supervisor in performing the appraisal

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Solved: Describe how small informal groups evolve
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Expert Answer

1. Small informal groups are formed in the organization with a purpose to fulfill certain emotional, social as well as psychological needs, which is provided at the working environment. These groups share the common ideas, opinions, thoughts, and feelings and develop a very relation with each other in a group. Managers should appreciate as well as understand these groups in order to create motivation, innovation as well as creativity. Having group discussions in a group make it possible to make out complicated decisions to all the problems related to the organization. They group initiate new ideas by spending most of the day and time at the work, makes it possible to initiate with relationships which gives every individual in the organization a sense of help, hold up and belongingness with the same set of alike intellect brains. Protection shield is created when you are in a group, which make people feel helpful at all times, strong at every tough time and feel secure and react in a more confident way which helps in solving the situations which might get difficult to be solved as an individual.

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