Solved: Considering “Global Sources of Conflict” as the topic, Write two or three paragraphs on

Considering “Global Sources of Conflict” as the topic, Write two or three paragraphs on a conflict that might arise from an international team of technicians from the USA, France, and Brazil performing aircraft maintenance in Brazil.

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Solved: Considering “Global Sources of Conflict” as the topic, Write two or three paragraphs on
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Global Sources of Conflict

The potential for misconception can be high in any multinational organization. Organizations that utilize employ from nations with generally unique societies & cultures, for example, America, Brazil and France are much more in danger of more at risk of these misunderstandings these errors which may bring about conflicts. Brazilians significantly communicate in Portuguese; Americans communicate in English while the French transcendently communicate in French.

This difference alone indicates a wide difference in culture and ways of doing things. In an aircraft maintenance company, for example, differences may arise in the use of the requisite procedures and maintenance documentation by the technicians. How the American is trained may be different from how a Brazilian or a French is trained and their views on the importance of compliance with task procedures and safety attitudes as well as care and concern may be different. These differences and misunderstandings are the major causes of conflicts among technicians in an aircraft maintenance company and are as a result of the following:

Stereotypes and Prejudices: Generalization about a person or a group may lead to unfair discrimination and persecution resulting into conflicts, especially negative stereotypes. For example, the Americans see the French as lazy people, cowards, rude, people who cannot speak English and communists (people who live bureaucratic socialist system and totally dependent on state among others) while the French may see the Americans as insular, arrogant, naïve, violent, materialistic and unequal. Such stereotypes and prejudices may result in difficulty in communication and dislikes leading to aggressive behaviors and conflicts in a setting where Americans and French are working together.

Due to these stereotypes and prejudices, an American may accuse a French counterpart of being lazy in case of any problem that arose due to the failure of taking responsibility. When such incidences of stereotyping become common in the company, it may result in violent reactions and conflicts.

The difference of Cultures: Cultural differences among people are most likely to influence their relations and motivation to work. Differences among people have been found to majorly contribute to misunderstandings, irritation and conflicts. One of the major hurdles of these differences is how people cope with them in ways that ensure harmony. In the example of the international team of technicians above, the difference in languages spoken automatically create challenging situations to ensure harmony and to avoid conflicts.

Conflicts may also arise if there is no balance of what is culturally accepted and what is beneficial to the company. Most people will tend to consider their cultural beliefs which may be in contrast with what is required by the company. Such scenarios will always result in conflicts.

Other factors that are likely to result in conflicts in a multinational organization include; differences in religious views, failure of compliance with codes of ethics and difference in personalities. Others may be difference over methods of conducting certain procedures (due to difference in training environments), competition for supremacy (technological rivalry between countries), un-fulfilled expectations among others.

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