Solved: Consider the reason of If working with customer's personal information, and list why

Consider the reason of If working with customer’s personal information, and list why employers monitor employee communications. Of the examples provided, for which do you think it is appropriate to have regular, ongoing monitoring for all employees, and for which do you think an employer should access employee communications only when a problem occurs? Explain your reasoning.

Expert Answer

1) An organization may monitor employees personal information and communication due to the reason that it believes or want to control their gossip, wastage of time , to find their personal work using organization’s resources etc.

The following reasons behind the monitoring of employee communications,

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Solved: Consider the reason of If working with customer's personal information, and list why
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A) Whether employees are engaged in work related communication or any personal level communication they are having.

2 ) Whether they communicate with customers and clients in an effective manner or not.

3) In their mail communication , are official records , trade secerates and other confidential information etc. preserved by them or not.

4) Are they using organization’s resources for their own venture or not ?

5) Wether employees are involved in some personal work by using organization’s resources etc.

2) I think there should be some system which must ensure transparent working from employees in relation to not to disclose crucial and vital organizational information to any outside organization or person.

For example: Coca cola have well known trade secrets but they have preserve it with their employees help from decades.

Only confident employees should be given secerat business information so as to avoid any problem causing situations.

Regular system is must so that employees have a clear cut understanding that they should have to involved in organizational development otherwise they might face serious charges in lieu of their personal level communications to other organizations and individuals.

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