Solved: Communications Management Several issues have arisen on the Global Treps Project

Communications Management

Several issues have arisen on the Global Treps Project. Ashok, your team member in India, broke his wrist playing tennis yesterday and cannot work on the project at all for three weeks. His work, which involves helping to edit the videos, starts in one week, so you need to reassign it to others.

Bobby suggests you use Kanban boards to list all of the tasks for editing the videos and to track where they are in the work flow. Bobby, a techie and known for being a good communicator, is the only person who’s ever used Kanban boards. You have not yet broken down the tasks into much detail and need more information from Angela, the contractor in charge of creating the videos.

Alfreda is having difficulties communicating with her main contact in Ethiopia, Dr. B. He is very busy all the time and does not use texting, Alfreda’s preferred communications medium. He has also not communicated key information with students who could be candidates for their event, which is only a month away. Alfreda is not sure if he booked a room for the event yet.

Prepare a partial communications management plan

o    A description of how you would communicate to Ashok and the rest of the team about Ashok’s injury. What actions would you take? What communications medium would you use with different stakeholders?

o    Research free, online tools for using Kanban boards and choose one to use. Prepare a list of at least ten tasks that would be done in editing the videos.

o    Options for communicating with Dr. B. and making sure students at his university get information about your event.

Expert Answer

In this case since the first thing to do is to communicate the injury to the team members while keeping in mind that after this you have to ask other team members to fulfil the task of the injured team member, the best method of interaction is open, face-to-face meetings. In this way team members will both hear the words of your intended communication and the tone of voice you use while giving it. Using positive, body language conveys interest, sincerity, and cooperation to team members. When it comes to communicating to ashok about the reassignment of task to other team members, it can be done through an email since ashok can fully understand the reason to not continuing the task with him because of his injury. There is just a need of formal message of delegating his task to other team members

There are different types of online kanban boards which help improve project success rates. Here the personal kanban board is effective because to be the basic type of kanban board consisting of three columns: to do, doing and done. It is best for small teams and for the teams taking up the kind of project for the first time. Tasks are created in the leftmost column and are being moved towards the right. The work is finished when all tasks reach the final column.

List of tasks in editing videos:

  • Creating an outline of footage or shortlist, script or screenplay
  • Assembling all raw footage with camera shots for inputting into the computer
  • Inputting uncut sounds and storing them into files
  • Digitally cutting the files to put together the sequence of video and deciding what is usable
  • Creating a rough cut of the video and determing the exact cutting for the next stage.
  • Overseeing the quality of audio and video
  • Experimenting with design of graphic elements
  • Writing commentary
  • Fine tuning the content to ensure smooth running of the video.
  • Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production process

In case of communicating with dr.B, since he was not replying to texting as a form of communication, Angela should approach the doctor personally in order to deliver effective communication. as far as students are concerned, the best way of communicating and gaining attention of students are promotional campaigns at the university with a gist of what the video is all about and how it will be beneficial for each of the student to participate in the event.

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