Solved: Case scenario: Provide an outline of a media campaign

Case scenario:

Provide an outline of a media campaign that assists in promoting a preventative health screening service or aims to reduce a public health concern (tobacco, underage drinking, wearing a helmet while riding a bike). Describe how you will advertise (web, email, video, TV, radio), outline the content including the target audience, and how it will be financed.

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Solved: Case scenario: Provide an outline of a media campaign
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Expert Answer

The media campaign will focus on encouraging riders to wear a helmet while riding a bike.

Target Audience:

The target audience will be primarily youth and young professionals. The age group of the target audience is about 18-35 years. The typical profile of the target audience is an unmarried youth of about 20-25 years old who uses his/her bike for daily commuting. He is relatively well off and is also quite passionate about his bike and enjoys long rides on the same.


In order to target the personnel as per the target audience, the medium of choice is internet, email campaigns, streaming video on the internet and to a lesser extent radio also. He/She is less likely to have time to watch television and could most effectively engaged through content in social media, video on demand services and e-mails. So these mediums should be chosen for effective targeting.


The content of the ad campaign would showcase various incidents where neglect of helmet has resulted in fatalities in even minor incidents also. Also the audio visual would include events where helmets have turned out to be lie savior. Real life incidents of common people would be showcased for public to relate to them and spread the message.


The financing of the campaign would be mostly from the government authorities and also the helmet manufacturers. A projection and dip stick study can be done to showcase the potential increase in complying with helmet rules post the campaign. The helmet manufacturers can be convinced to share some percentage of the incremental revenue arising out of the effects of the campaign.

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