Solved: Business Law Question, reference required and a seperate question to ask: What

Business Law Question, reference required and a seperate question to ask: What records does OSHA require employers to keep? Why do employers need to keep these records, other than for the fact there is a law requiring them to do so?

Expert Answer

The OHSA require employers to keep the records pertaining to any kind of work-related injuries or illnesses that may occur at a workplace to an employee. In an industry that employs more than ten employees, OSHA requires the employer to maintain an accurate record of such occupational hazards. The records shall also include the medical reports of the employees who might get impacted due to certain exposure at the work environment. Overall, it therefore enables in collection of validating information regarding occupational illnesses and hazards by simplifying the procedure of maintenance of medical records of the employees.

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Solved: Business Law Question, reference required and a seperate question to ask: What
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Employers need to do so do the following reasons:

  • It helps the employers realize the hazardous exposure at their workplace and how does the same impact their employees. The analysis of the situation is the win-win state for both, the employers as well as the employees. If the exposure is more, then the employees may fall sick thereby becoming unsuitable at the workplace thus affecting the process flow. However, if the exposure in under control, then it shall suit the health of the employees hence more working effectiveness. Also the workplace, in such a scenario, shall be able to garner more potential employees owing to less hazardous exposures thus making the workplace a desired job profile for many.
  • The awareness of the health issues by the employees enables them to give a willing support to the employers due to the transparent work exposure information.
  • It helps the employers to undertake various steps that are crucial to limit the hazardous exposure at the workplace which may be in terms of controlling the noise levels, exposure to carcinogenic pollutants, etc. Once such limits are established, such a workplace becomes a more desirable place for the employees to work in. This also helps in safeguarding employee’s health and wellbeing.
  • It further assists employers to design safety rules and practices at the workplace therefore reducing the potentialities of ‘Damage risks’ in the work environment such a fire accidents, etc.
  • Various other safety outcomes could also be worked upon on the basis of reviewing the records as required to maintain such as safety harnesses or fire alarm system and smoke detector at workplace to avoid causalities.
  • The falling of any work structure gets prevented due to the proper evaluation of the records.
  • The machine-handling function could be coupled with safety guards by the employers if the reports reveal any operating hazards from such machinery.
  • Ensuring of proper training and development on the part of the employers to its employees could only be possible due to correct evaluation of the maintained records.

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