Solved: Briefly explain classical conditioning and how it can work in a marketing

2. Briefly explain classical conditioning and how it can work in a marketing
3. What is stimulus discrimination? How is it applied to marketing?
4. Where would you seek information during an internal information search?
5. What is problem recognition and how does it occur?

Expert Answer

2. Classical conditioning: This theory is also known as respondent conditioning. The classical conditioning occurs when we try to link one stimulus to another stimulus. It is a process used to associate pattern between events and estimate the outcome that represents our environment. This is not a reflexive action but an acquisition of learning experience. Some of the factors that influence classical conditioning are Repetition of marketing techniques, Generating stimulus and Discriminating stimulus. Marketing theory is used to describe and explain consumer behaviors and understand their buying patterns. This helps to plan the marketing and advertising of the products to grab the attention of the consumers. The theories define the behavioral pattern of the consumer.

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Solved: Briefly explain classical conditioning and how it can work in a marketing
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3. Stimulus Discrimination is a factor of classical conditioning which has the ability to distinguish the specific and particular stimulus/motivation from among the same perceived differences. In the marketing techniques, among the various different motivation for a buyer, if there is a specific target that differentiates from rest of the behavior, it is Stimulus Discrimination.

For example, One can differentiate a particular advertisement of the same product among other advertisements of the same product, through the way in which it was presented, the celebrities who host them etc.,

4. From Marketing perspective, during an internal information search, we seek information from the internal organization records viz.,

  • Internal Marketing Management Information System (MIS)
  • Database that is internally maintained by the sales teams
  • Report on voice of customers from sales force
  • Manual Work log sheets of lead information
  • Expert’s opinion based on experience
  • Cold calling/Warm calling logs
  • Internal survey through questionnaire

5. In an organizational context, Problem recognition is identification of an issue by anyone who is internal or external to an organization, based on the initial feedback, teething problems, respondents gestures, voice of the customer, quality control or quality assurance feedback, internal and external inspection report, expert opinion, report from testing team etc., such Problem recognition in marketing helps the companies to analyze consumer behavior pattern, Emphasis on how to attract and grab the attention of target audience, makes sure the message is rightly received by the target market, to understand the major key attributes.

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