Solved: Based on the tri-component model, what are the components of an attitude?

1. Based on the tri-component model, what are the components of an attitude?
2. What is purchase involvement? What impact does it have on the decision making process?

3. Explain perception and its relationship with information processing?

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Solved: Based on the tri-component model, what are the components of an attitude?
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1. As per the Tri-component model, an attitude has three components in its composition, namely knowledge (cognitive) component, feeling and emotions (affect) component, and action (conactive) component.

Let’s discuss each component.

Knowledge component is a cognitive component that comprises the cognitive processes. As per the Tri-component model, in marketing knowledge component of customers is about their knowledge of products and services in the markets.

Feelings and emotions component- a consumer’s attitude Is comprised by the knowledge he gets or attains from the people around him (interpersonal sources) and marketing sources (news channels, etc) which then get shaped by the beliefs and opinions to form an attitude towards objects and leads to actions. This component comprises a larger part of the consumer attitude, as you can yourself observe that sometimes the decisions or attitudes are only driven by the feelings and emotions of a consumers. In respect of marketing, this component depicts the customer’s emotional perception about the product of service and the marketing mix. In other words, this affect component manifests with time like like or dislike that affects the products or services we purchase and the purchase processes as well. Every action with an emotional connection, on recalling and recollection forms the base for our future decision-making. Which also gets shaped with time. This component depicts the attitude.

The first two components are not illustrative but merely form the attitude.

The third component (action), conactive component illustrates the action of the consumer’s based on the first two components that actually builds and shapes the attitude. This component infers if a consumer will take actions with respect to a product or service and in marketing mix I. E. If he will buy the product or service or not.

As per guidelines, I answered the first question.

To get the answers to the remaining questions, please post them.

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