Solved: A short experience of teaching: more than 200 words

A short experience of teaching: more than 200 words

Expert Answer

In business management the ideas and the principles taught by authority is called teaching. This is also known as sharing knowledge of work. This in the organization is also determined as a training given to employees – new and old both employees.

While teaching the following things must happen effectively and efficiently :-

  • There has to be a scope need for teaching or training.
  • There has to be a scope of teaching in a company – Who requires it ? what parameters is the training required ? Time durations ? approvals ? etc..
  • Teacher or a trainer must be present.
  • Training or teaching content must be ready and implicated.
  • Proper implementation must be executed for training and teaching.
  • Proper method of training / teaching must be there like on job training, off the job training etc.
  • feedback of training must be given. Also before starting the teaching work refer the historic feedback.

Talking about a brief experience about the teaching –

Teaching can be one on one or one to many depending upon the situation, need and availability of the other person/s. Result matters here because the untrained staff performs very bad and gives a less outputs as desired in the company which shall lower the profits of the company. The teacher must be sure that he / she have delivered as per the requirement and must take care that the persons in the team have understood everything. Teaching is also a continuous process by nature. It is like a technology where there are updates and upgrades from time to time.

Employees or students are like empty shells where we need to fill knowledge and learning by teaching. But as it is a continuous process, this is also a gradual process. We cant teach a person in a day except some trainings in the company are a day long in nature. Training or teaching is to be such that it is remembered life long.

About the specific experience of teaching of mine was in my old company, where i was the sales manager. There i used to take a regular teaching / training lessons to all the sales executives of approximately 25 in numbers. They go in the market every day for sales activities and in the end of the day meeting we discuss everything, the good things were appreciated and the poor things were kept on a mode of improvements with everyday repetitive remainders not to do that again. Such employees were trained or taught 15 minutes more every day. And after 3 months i found that the weaker employees have become very strong and the strong employees have now become great sales persons. The teaching and the training sessions helped all the employees including me to learn new things and investigate sales problems and its best solutions. Their doubts also helped me in becoming a great manager and a teacher.

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