Solved: 1. Make the information into a table that you can easily use later for the infographics

1. Make the information into a table that you can easily use later for the infographics and to make your decision.

Choose a company (current company in a developed country or your own company) and two possible developing countries in different parts of the world where you could relocate. In order to make the decision, you will want to conduct an initial investigation of several possible locations. Focus on the: Location and description of the country (if it is a large country, you can limit your choice to a specific location) Possible resources in the area, including labor and natural resources; Availability of transportation for products and materials Political conditions in the country Culture or cultures in the country

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Solved: 1. Make the information into a table that you can easily use later for the infographics
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Ans: Assuming that the company in question developes a speciality software that finds application in healthcare services business. Two potential locations for its relocation are listed with their favourable conditions.

1. Mysore,Karnataka, India :

(a) Resources and location- Mysore is located at 100 miles from the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru, but is amazingly cheap in comparison. Labor and other resources are easily available at a comparatively cheaper rates, thanks to the lower cost of living here. The region is a hub of technological revolution of India and finding business associates and competent technical manpower will not be an issue. The region is connected to the world through Bengaluru International Airport. A reliable and efficient road and rail network connects Mysore to rest of the country. It has everything that suits the needs of a software manufacturer.

(b) Culture and political environment – India is a power to reckon with with its immense qualified workforce. It is a young nation and has registered rapid economic growth on the world stage. It is a stable democracy with business friendly policies and work environment. It has a rich and accomodating culture with amazing traditions that has welcomed foreigners for centuries. The region is free from any kind of conflict that can affect the business and is perfectly safe for everyone.

2. Guangzhou, China

(a) China’s industrial and business district, Guangzhou is connected to the world through an international airport and a sea route through Hong Kong. A rapid road and rail connectivity links it to main chinese cities. It has world class infrastructure that makes it a natural choice for such industry. China is a home to qualified and cost effective manpower and business associates that makes it an attractive preposition.

(b) China is an ancient civilization and has a rich culture. Guangzhou is a home to the people from all parts of the world, making it a cultural melting pot. An stable government, favourable economic policies, better law and order conditions, conflict free and safe working environment and rapid growth are the factors that make it an attractive place to relocate.

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