sociology paper (due 11/18 midnight)

Students will write a reflection paper on the Sociological Imagination. You will describe how using the Sociological Imagination can help you make sense of your own life sociologically. By using concrete examples and drawing upon the course literature and discussion you will write a 2-3 page paper for this assignment.

Objective: To reflect upon and write about one’s own experience with the sociological imagination.

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sociology paper (due 11/18 midnight)
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To prepare for your reflection paper be sure to address each of the following topics”

• Part 1: Introduction: Describe your starting point for understanding – who are you and how do you understand yourself in our social world?

• Part 2: Connection with the course materials: When you think about the Sociological Imagination, how might you see your life differently than you did before? Use at least one concrete example to demonstrate your understanding of how the Sociological Imagination shifts one’s view of oneself and of society.

• Part 3: Conclusion: What key insights did you develop? Where will you go from here? This portion is the reflective component and should allow you to explain what you hope to learn and how you hope to proceed as we move through the remaining weeks, topics and materials in this course.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Use ASA formatting for your style guide. Cite any quotes or paraphrasing within your paper.

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