SOCIAL MEDIA ON MENTAL HEALTH A presentation report for the practicum 1 Niyafathima k.t (C19034234) Tata Institute of Social Sciences Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health Chennai 2019 ABSTRACT There is much evidence for social media effect on mental health. Many studies are proved that the association between social media use and mental health issues. The main mental health issues are depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, eating disorder and suicide risk. Then, they are also describing how the social media is terrible.

It will be terrible in different ways, such as, cyber bullying, less face time, having many fake friends and focusing on likes.Key words: social media, mental health, adolescenceINTRODUCTION In the world more than eighty percent of youths are spending a large amount of time for internet. In modern society, the usage of technology is increased. In the earlier times, the people are communicated through letters and main source of information’s are newspapers. Now everyone have mobile phones for communication and gets the information.

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So, the mobile phones are the part of life in the modern society. So, this has many advantages and disadvantages in our mental health. In future the use of technology also increases. So, it will affect the mental health in positively and negatively. In modern society the number of mental health issues and internet addiction also increased. In our society there are many mental health issues are evolved from social media, especially, in adolescence age. There has been a growing concern over the past couple of decades regarding the link between media and mental health issues. The term media mainly refers to mass communication. It can be in the form of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, news media etc. Media is a tool which is used to increase knowledge, create favorable attitudes and change overt behavior. During last 10 years, the rapid growth of social network sites such as face book, twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc. It can make several changes in the way people communicate and interact. This social network is used for both business and personal communication. It has many advantages, such as, increasing connectivity, sharing ideas and online learning. Social media usage can be categorized in several classifications. Such as, contributing, sharing, searching for content, participating and playing (Bolton, 2013). It is defined as, contributing means, an individual posting content that they are created. Then, sharing is defined as share a post that is created by someone, playing is defined as engaging in an activity, such as, video game.Banquil et al (2009) found a continuing drop of grades among student users of social networking sites. However, the researchers found that there is positive relation between use of internet and social network site and academic performance of the student users. Rheingold (1993) studied and revealed that the social media to be the social aggression that emerge from the net when enough people carry on those public discussion as enough, with sufficient human feelings, to form webs of personal relationship cyberspaces. Gross and Acquisti, (2005)studied that most online networking sites share a core of features through a sites of an individual offers a profile-a representation of their self. Boyd and Ellison,(2017) defined as social network sites as web-based services that allow some things to individual. Such as, 1) construct a public or semipublic profile, 2) definite a list of other users with whom they share a connection and, 3) view the list of their connection and those made by others within the system. Carton (2009) defined that the technologies are made up for easier communication within the individuals or social media simply facilitate the communication between the individuals. Malthouse and Calder (2011) studied that social media through its various platforms provide ample opportunity to engage the customers. Engagement can arise not only from active behaviors. Such as, blogging but simply receiving communication can also be viewed as interactive and co-creative. The number of studies is proved that, there is a relation between social media and mental health. The major mental health issues are, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, eating issues and increased suicide risk.Depression A study found that the time spent on Facebook by high school students was positively correlated with depression (Pantic et al, 2012). It means who are spent more time online and those are shows the clinical symptoms of depression. Because, they have no direct communication with their family and friends. Selfhout et al (2009) defined the idea that the quality of social media interaction was a better predictor of mental wellness than general social media. It is defined as the adolescence has low friendship quality and high frequencies of social use of online media.Anxiety Anxiety disorders are the most common disorder in United States. There are some most common symptoms for social media anxiety. Those symptoms are, loss of interest in other activities, spending over six hours per day on social networking sites, like, Facebook, instagram, or twitter, using social media more often you planed, feeling nervous when you unable to check notifications, negative impacts in your personal or professional life due to social media usage and withdrawal from friends and family. Sleep problems The studies are shows that 60 percent of adolescents are looking at their phones in the last hour before sleep, and they only get on average an hour less sleep than their peers who don’t use their mobile phones before bed. Eating issues The social media can play a huge role in the development and influence of eating disorders. According to research, media is a casual risk factor for the development of eating disorders and has a huge influence on a person’s body dissatisfaction, eating patterns, and poor self-concept. The people are begin to compare themselves to thin models, their peers, as well as famous social media users and begin to inadequate feeling about their own self-image. Suicide risk The internet and social media have a huge role on suicide related behaviors. Biddle et al conducted a systematic web search of 12 suicide associated terms, such as, suicide, suicide methods, how to kill yourself, best suicide method, etc. They are analyzed approximately 240 different sites. Approximately half of this prosuicide sites are gives the actual information about suicide. The more time you spent on social media can result in symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Here how the social media is terrible: Focusing on likesThey have tendency to engaging in negative things, altering their physical appearance and accepting risky social media challenges for get likes on the social media. Cyber bullyingThe teen girls are mainly face the cyber bullying than teen boys. The cyber bullying is cause for depression, anxiety and increasing risk of suicidal thoughts Having too many fake friendsThe teens can collect thousands of friends on social media with in a private setting in a place. The more people have to access to screen shot photos, snaps, and updates and use them for other purposes. Less face timeWhen the teens are spent more time on social media and the face to face interaction will be low there.CONCLUSION The social media have a huge role on the mental illness. In modern society the usage of social network sites are increases. It may create many mental health issues. Such as, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, suicide risk and sleep problems. In our society, the number of people increases which have mental illness. One of the reasons for this mental illness is internet addiction and over time usage of social network. In this, i said about the different mental health issues are formed by use of social media. The mental health issues are, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, suicide risk and sleep problems. Also, i describe how the social media is terrible one. The reasons are, focusing on likes, less face time, having too many fake friends and cyber bullying. REFERENCESBanquil.K.,Chua,N.,Leno,G.,Rivero,M.,Burce,C.,Dianalan,S.,Matcenzo,A. and Timog, M. (2009)Social networking sites affect one’s academic performance adversely. Retrieved from netwoking.Biddle L, Donovan J, Hawton K, Kapur N,Gunnell D.Suicide and the internet.BMJ.2008;336 (7648):800-802.Bolton,R.N.,(2013).Understanding generation Yand their use of social meia:A review and research agenda.Journal of service management,24(3),245-267.doi:10.1108/09564231311 326987.Boyd, D.M., & Ellison, N.B. (2007).Social network sites: Definitions, History, and Scholarship. Journal of computer mediated communication,13 (1),210-230.Calder, B.J.,& Malthouse, E.C. (2008) Media engagement and advertising effectiveness. Kellogg on advertising and media, 1-36.Carton, S. (2009).Media relation and the Internet: How fortune500 company web sites assist Jounalists news gathering. 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