Social and Personal Related Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy Essay


Teenage pregnancy or adolescent pregnancy is the early conception of female whose age ranges from 13 to 19. Just recently, adolescent has become an important issue in health in great number of countries, both developed and developing. However, pregnancy in adolescence is not an unusual phenomenon as it keeps on rising every now and then.

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Social and Personal Related Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy Essay
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There are lots of speculations about which factors triggers pregnancy the most. Some of these factors were deemed to be poverty, socioeconomic factors, educational attainment etc. Actually, a family with history of teenage birth is considered as one of the factor that influences teenage pregnancy.

Teen female with family history of teenage births are significantly more likely to experience teenage pregnancy (East, 2007). Childhood history of sexual abuse has also been taking in place as a factor of having early pregnancy. This factor increases the risk of teen women for subsequent adolescent pregnancy and that addressing conditions associated with childhood sexual abuse might impact the overall pregnancy rate (Noll, et.

al. 2009).

Somehow, even non expected factors such as childhood bullying were deemed to contribute for teen to have early pregnancy. Childhood bullying tends to have negative effect on the childhood of teen females. In fact, both bullies and victims had high risk of becoming teenage mothers regardless of the family-related risk factors.

Reports of bullying and victimization from the girls themselves, their parents and their teacher were associated with becoming teenage mother independently of each other. Therefore, there is a predictive association between being a bully in childhood and becoming a mother in adolescence and it may be useful to target bullies for teenage pregnancy prevention (Lehti, 2010).

Conclusively, there are lots of factors which are deemed to influence teenage pregnancy and it is still a mystery that which factors we should consider above them all thus awareness could be given to those who will need it mostly.

The aim of the study is to determine whether which of the social-related or personal-related factors greatly influences teenage pregnancy. Thus, when the study have determined and relay the results this could serve as a basis or guidelines for women to avoid early pregnancy.

While for the parents of female teenager this will enable them to know of what aspect should they consider to avoid this teen pregnancy from happening and even for nurses, to conduct health teaching and public awareness that teenage pregnancy can always be prevented just as long as the action plan includes proven data and has the real factors that might lead teenagers to this unwanted and early pregnancy.

Significance of the Study

The study is deemed to be relevant in nursing profession and for the community in establishing a link between rendering care for the community both in Public and Private setting. The result aims to determine or to discover which among the following factors influences the teen women to be pregnant the most.

The study is believed to benefit the following.

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