shows how the Air Force helped the Rangers

Just as a sentence has a subject and verb, a mission statement has a task (the WHAT of the mission statement) and a purpose (the WHY). Although somewhat confusing, the task is what the specific unit will do, while the purpose must always be linked to the benefit the task provides to another friendly unit, the detriment the task imposes on the enemy, or the impact the task has on the terrain. The previous example shows how the Air Force helped the Rangers. However, a hypothetical response of “The Air Force flew over the compound (TASK) to collect information (PURPOSE)” is not acceptable since the Air Force is collecting the information and is not the beneficiary of that information. A more appropriate response may be “The Air Force provided information to the Rangers (TASK) which helped the Rangers plan for the operation (PURPOSE). As you can see, the PURPOSE of one unit’s mission (in this instance helping the Rangers plan) is directly linked (or nested) to the TASK of another unit (such as the Rangers task to plan their mission).

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shows how the Air Force helped the Rangers
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