Setting up a foreign business in Australia ( compare the legal system, political system/ cultural/environmental differences between Australia and the hypothetical )

unit: institutional law and government policy
lecture note: business solving – What is the problem/barrier/challenge doing business in Australia? – What are the institutional issues might face for international business to come to Australia?explain to person who is coming Australia…

Fantasy story compare the business doing in Australia and that country

Do not compare laws

-Political system, legal system, cultural issues, business different environment

important notices: hi,this is a really restrict lecturer, and i need get over 70% from the exam, them i can pass.
1. do not need any references in this hypothesis essay, must to use the material/data which i provide, please don’t copy from google, as she will check it.
2. at least use 3 case study from the data i offered, but i have a look topic 11, she did not give many cases.

3. there are 3 topics in the exam(2 essay question, on hypothesis problem solving), which i choose is hypothesis problem solving, i am not sure which chapter that should cove in essay, i just select the topic that i think may related. please tell me if you need any more data or related ppt. topic 11 is the most important ppt

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