Services marketing apply in McDonald’s

  • Definition
    • Services provider
      • McDonald’s Australia Holding Pty Limited: it’s the company that help to operates and franchises the McDonald’s chain of family restaurants, so that the franchise members can pay company rent and services fees to the company.
    • Its services
      • Paid or free Wi-Fi provided: the customers won’t need to purchase any food to access the hotpot. However, it can’t be able to have too much users sharing the hotspot at the same time. McDonald’s can provide its customers a reliable, stable and secure hotspot environment. However, customers cannot be hoping that the Wi-Fi statusis always and continually be stable and secure. (“McDonald’s Australia Free Wi-Fi access: Terms and conditions”) Even though, for the McDonald Homebush Bay location, the free Wi-Fi service can be use in the time between line up to order and waiting time. Based on the short time period that each customer used, more and more customers can have a chance to use and with more stable and secure during the take away process. To improve the quality of the Internet, it’s also the way to improve the customers’ experience at McDonald. In the meantime, Internet is in everywhere, the hotspot can make the customers have a strong relationship with the services. For McDonald, it’s can take an example by so far in Starbucks experiences. When the customers have purchased the coffee or other products, the staff would ask them whether keep or throw away the receipt. There has a unique code on the receipt to access the hotspot. Therefore, the hotspot system can manage in the certain amount diverters and then control the network speed within a constant environment. In fact, the circumstances in Starbucks have more people working on their laptops via hotspots than McDonald’s. Not only because they have different level of target market, but also they have different purpose for the customers using the hotspots. In a word, a stable and fast speed Wi-Fi can be parts of convince service that restaurant provided.
      • Arch Card applied: a prepaid card with automatic reload in credit card function for customers to pay the food bills easier. It’s also can be as a gift card for customers to purchased for their friends and family. By the way, the cardholders can check the balance all the time. In Australia, many companies also pushed out the gift card services for customers. Like as Myer, Coles, David Jones and Apple store. As a gift card function, the company could attract new target market. At the beginning, the customers might go to the shop just for gift card spending. For more and more store experiences, the customers might be interested in the stores and companies, and then, has a chance to become loyalty customers who would be a promoter to generalize the products with the oral communication. In the other side, the Arch card is similar with Opal card. These two cards is the convincible way for customers to paying their daily or normal life purchase. McDonald’s has the actual power to become a first choice of day-to-day purchase in the fast food industry. In this case, the reason for McDonald’s expand their restaurants all around the world, the Arch card can be use in the worldwide.
      • Children playground and Birthday parties: Kids can have fun in any McDonald’s playground it’s provided. They can also make little friends during the playing time. As well as their parents,they can share and exchange their own parenting attitudes and experiences when waiting their children. McDonald’s provide family fun through playground area. Another way to create fun with friends and families in McDonald’s, it can be a birthday party held. McDonald’s helps the kids to create special memories in the BIG DAY every year. It’s providing the well-trained host with games and party bags, of course serving with Happy Meal selection food. Even though for the Homebush Bay location, McDonald’s only play as a take away restaurant, the customers can still have their birthday parties with McDonald’s in Sydney Olympic Park. It’s can be use the public area for parties holding within the staffs help. That’s could be a special experience too.







  • Service Blueprint


Menu Photos of food Automated food ordering system   Food packaging  


Line up Looking menu Ordering food   Grabbing order Leave



  Greeting customer Place order Giving order to the front Calling out customer’s receipt number  



    Receiving order Making order    

Procedures Part

Checking stocks inventory Food preparation Sending order to the kitchen Kitchen cleaning    


  • Effectiveness
    • Service delivery

Base on the visit at Olympic Boulevard, there are many business offices and stadium around. It’s a quick easy choice after a long busy day. However, there won’t have a toilet provided. Even though there has a few seats outside, they are always dirty. The staffs are not the most motivated crew. Base on the special location, there will have some sports events or concerts frequently around. If have events, the customers might be take a forever queue, but when the customers wait for a long time, how can be comfort them by just correct orders.

  • Methods
    • Roy Morgan
      • Target market
        • Primary-Look At Me: is a group of people wants to have fun and escape from the family control. (Chitty, 2012,p.56) This group of people might be above 16 and a little bit older. They can have a chance to work in a part time, so that they can own a bit of their working pay. They are feeling free to meet people and having challenges from the working places. Even though they can buy whatever they want, most of this group of people would choose to deal with their hunger in McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants. As well as for this group of people, they might have a little pin money from their parents. They have the ability to have repeated purchasing actions in McDonald’s with their classmates and friends after school and weekends.
        • Secondary-Conventional Family Life: this group people are who with the beginning of family creation. They want to improve their financial situation and working for better family quality. The reason for they doing theses such actions is to provide the better growth environment for their next generation.For their kids, they mostly are the Happy Meal purchasers. And then they will buy any other products for themselves when dinning with their kids also when the time of waiting for there kids playing. They have a chance to be a double food purchaser than other customers.
      • Values and Lifestyle
        • Target market
          • Primary-Experiencers: a group of people who spent heavily on food, clothes and other youthful products. They can spend the money for food and happy to adopt the food. Also they are most likely a repeat purchaser.
          • Secondary-Believers: theywill make their own decisions, by the way, they will also believe other consumers. They believe the feelings of other consumers and they will place the other people’s feelings as pre-feelings. They will choose a new restaurant based on word of mouth.
        • Demographic
          • Target market
            • Primary-Kids (3-7 years old): Happy Meal with a free toy that they can eat and play.
            • Families: weekends have fun at outside and then get a meal.
            • Students: a place to hang out and or study.
            • Secondary-Café lover: for a quieter environment, a place to relax or read or even business entertainments. For example, McCafe.
            • Working Adults: seek convenience meals, grab and go. For example: Drive-Thru, takeaways, McDelivery, 24-Hour.


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