Semiotic analysis of a movie,or a television program

If you select a television program, be sure to focus your paper around 1-2 episodes
rather than around the series as a whole. For example, if you select Breaking Bad as
your text, you may discuss the various characters in the program (e.g.Walter, Jesse,
Skylar, Mike, Guss, and Sal),but you should also call attention to specific moments of
dialogue and specific situations in particular episodes.

Note the signs/images in the text such as clothing, setting, body positioning, words
(dialogue) and any other elements that the text incorporates. Draw conclusions about
what those signs/images stand for and what cultural messages, values, norms are being
invoked and why. Use these notes to develop your argument: what overall
interpretation can you offer about the text?

The paper should include an informative and interesting title.
Body paragraph 1: should explain title + historic or cultural background.
Body paragraph 2: should provide a summary.

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