self healing concrete paper Essay

SELF HEALING CONCRETEShweta Bhoyar1, Swdha Gour2, Sneha Dongre3, Shraddha Sahare4, Animesh Gosh5, Gaurav Yerekar6 , Monish sheikh7 .1U.G student, Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur.2U.G student Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur.,.3U.G student, Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur..4U.G student, Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur.5U.G student, Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur.6U.G student, Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur.7.Assistant Professor, Department of civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur.Abstract:The main purpose of concreting is to attend the strength durability and etc But due to certain reasons crack are formed in concrete which affect the strength durability and also affect the reinforcement of the concrete when the concrete came in contact with the water, carbon dioxide and also due to the heat of hydration, water cement ratio is less and many more so the self healing concrete is being used as remedial measure to improve the durability of concrete.

In this we mainly focused on natural chemical biological processes, selection of bacteria etcThe main purpose of using bacteria in concrete is to remove the chemical and structural properties like water permeability, durability, tensile strength and compressive strength.

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self healing concrete paper Essay
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It was also found that light weight aggregate with bacteria in concrete helps in self healing property of concrete.Keywords ” Bacillus Sphaericus, Concrete structure cracks, self healing, repairs.1.INTRODUCTIONConcrete is used for its high structural performance, but due to tensile strength cracks are produced in the structure the presence of cracks are harmful for the life span and for the durability of structure ,as the cracks increases the moisture get enter through it and corroded the reinforcement which is dangerous for structure this result in decrease in strength, durability and life of structure.Concrete has a healing capacity of its own autogenously healing this healing property based on the hydration. Self Healing Concrete is a product obtained biologically in the concrete called Concrete Cancer’ as it is harmful for the structure. Idea of bacteria mediated concrete was first introduced by Research group of professors Sookie Bang,and the ths concept develop by Delft as a Self Healing Concrete used for specific civil engineering works. Self healing Concrete is revolutionary building material there are two ways of Self Healing the natural way of hydrates to seal cracks and man-made intervention the main purpose is to increase durability and improve the architectural design by forcing New Design Methods. The many factors are considered in the natural way of healing such as000 temperature, degree of damage, freeze “thaw cycle & the age of concrete.As for the artificial way to repair cracks in concrete self healing of concrete is takes place with the help of biologically produced stone Dr.Richard cooper of Bath’s Department of Biology & Biochemistry says that Incorporating bacteria in concrete adds a double layer sheild in order to prevent corrosion in steel. The bacteria which is used for self healing mechanism is one of the best mechanisms to produce self healing concrete. 2. Literature Review Simon Dunn has been observed that cracks in the concrete structure expands further and require costly repairs and for increasing strength and durability microbial concrete is introduced which is capable of repairing itself when concrete came in contact of water the microorganism germinate which produced biological limestone which heal cracks. C.C. Gavimath, B.M.mali, V.R. Hooli, J.D mallpur, A.B.patil, D.P. Gaddi, C.R. Ternikar has published paper on potential application of bacteria to improve the strength of concrete, the bacterial used for improving the strength when water enters into the concrete the dormant bacteria activated and gives strength to the concrete and increase durability of cement concrete by using bacteria through the process of metabolically medicated carbonate precipitation gives strength to the concrete due to its high internal PH.Biswa Bhusan: The material which is capable of repairing itself back to the original state called Self healing material , In which biologically produced limestone heal cracks for which bacteria used are Bacillus along with a calcium based nutrient (Calcium lactate) and nitrogen. In any structure when concrete get damaged as produces cracks on the surface. The bacteria germinate in contact with water and formed limestone which cure cracking.Dr Nele De Belie, Ghent University has published on self concrete which includes how repairs and consolidation of mineral phase of building material transformation of hard rock into soft soil healing of concrete with the help of bacteria. This building material protected by traditional system such as coating because there was no Biodegradation process in bacterial treatment equimolar solution used with B.sphaericus bacteria which helps in remediation of cracks by formation of biocers M.S. shetty on the experimental study observed that concrete has porous nature which affect the strength and durability porous should filled with bonding and invert material and advanced techniques for filling and inert material microbiologically induced calcite (CaCO3) precipitation is a technique that is called biomineralization here Bacillus cohnii is used for calcite precipitation is result density of concrete reduced by increase in strength & durability 3. CONCLUSIONSelf healing is a smart concrete and becoming one of the research in Material and civil engineering works.Cracks are automatically repaired with internally released resins.Saving annual amount of money spent on repairs and maintenance of concrete structure.Self healing concrete appears to be much more efficient than usual concrete.It will definitely reshape how architects and think and design.Introducing the bacteria into concrete improves property of concrete. REFERENCES Dr. Nele De Belie, Genth University, Belgium, Self healing of concrete.Self Healing Concrete- A sustainable Future by Simon Dunn, BEng chons, cradiff University.CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY theory and practice by M.S. SHETTY.Water permeability and autogenous healing of cracks in concrete. ACI (Materials journal 196(4):448-454-Jonkers HM (2007) self healing concrete.Vijeth N kashyap and Radhakrishna B Naveen and S sivakomasundarC.C. Gavimath, B.M.mali, V.R. Hooli, J.D mallpur, A.B.patil, D.P. Gaddi, C.R. Ternikar

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