Self-assessment Memo Essay

For this semester, I have learned a lot of valuable information and gained beneficial experiences that would aid in ensuring my academic as well as my social growth in this institution in order to better equip myself for my future in the real world. In this course, I have improved my knowledge and skills on oral, written and non-verbal communication. I was able to develop my proficiency in writing reports, making presentations and performing speeches.

More so, in terms of writing, I was able to enrich my vocabulary that helped in making my writing compositions more cohesive and substantial.

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Self-assessment Memo Essay
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Also, my understanding about grammar has expanded. Some of the things I learned were how to avoid using run-on sentences, comma splices, fragments and many others. Furthermore, our 1st and 2nd oral presentations helped in boosting my confidence in public speaking and developing my ability to create interesting and grammatically correct presentations.

Throughout the entire duration of the course, I was present almost 90% of the time.

There were occasions wherein I have to be absent due to health reasons. But every time I would not attend the class, I make it a point to ask about the lectures that I have missed. Overall, this course was able to provide me with essential skills that would definitely become an advantage in the near future.

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