School Portfolio and Action Plan Project

School Portfolio and Action Plan (30%). For this project each candidate will need information from a school. If the candidate is currently working in a school, it is highly advised that this authentic context be used for the project. If the candidate is NOT currently in a school setting, the next best choice is to find an actual school which will work with you for the project. A third level plan is for the instructor to provide you with a case study school that you will use to complete the assignment.

Each candidate will use the planning guide in your Holcomb text to identify ten areas of focus that relate to your school vision and mission. The candidate will prioritize this list, selecting the three most important areas on which to focus. From the list of three, the candidate will select one for this project, and then go through the following steps:

  1. Gather appropriate baseline data related to the project (where are we now?)
  2. Based on that base-line data analysis, develop an action plan to move the school closer to the goal.
  3. After a period of time (before the end of the semester) get additional data, analyze it, and decide whether and to what extent your action plan is being effective.
  4. Based on these results, indicate how you would change the current action plan.
  5. Prepare a written report and distribute it to all your classmates. Be prepared to discuss your project in class, defending your choices………………………………………


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