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Previously, when I was asked to say something about myself, I felt awkward. What do I have to say or won’t it sound boastful? These were the main fearful questions which sprang up to my mind; when I got older, I understood that there is nothing to be afraid of. A skill of telling about yourself is extremely useful to start conversation with new people. Whenever you meet new classmates, students, colleagues, or just want to ask that handsome-looking guy’s number; a good presentation is must-be.

I believe that by telling somebody a story of yourself, you can become more self-aware, people can even learn something from your experience. Let me try telling you my life story right now.

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Sample Essay Story About Me Essay
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What I Dreamt about?

Being the only one child in a family, I always had enough attention and love. My mother told me that I was calm and creative. I loved to read Harry Potter to my dolls and create vibrant clothes for them.

The most striking memory since childhood is connected with the time when my mother played the piano. It didn’t happen very often, but when it did, I would sit silently and listen to each sound created by this magical musical instrument. I was sitting there dreaming about my future creative profession connected with art, beauty, harmony.

When I got older and went to school, I began attending dancing classes. I practiced ballroom dancing, contemporary and jazz funk. I spent hours at the concert hall imagining my future life as a professional dancer. Whenever my parents asked me to do homework, I spent seconds sitting at the desk creating an illusion that I did tasks for the English Language. After that I stood up and started to dance in front of the mirror.

My parents were not satisfied with such an irresponsible attitude towards school, we had many different conflicts, quarreled a lot. My mother asked me to get away those crazy thoughts about the career as a dancer. She said that this job would never bring me money, and I had to choose a more realistic profession. As a rule, I am very goal-oriented and perseverant towards achieving targets but I decided to listen to my parents’ advice because I do respect them.

What did I do?

When I finished school, I went to college in Columbia. I can’t say that I didn’t like studying there, I just felt that it wasn’t a place I supposed to be. I had to study a lot to get a scholarship and just occasionally attended dancing centers. Of course, I didn’t have time to practice a lot, but when holidays started it was the first place I went to. I was happy that my parents were proud of me for choosing a practical career.

Life-turning Statements

At the college, my life turned into typical consecutive days. I think my everyday routine would still be mundane and boring unless one thing happened to me. I remember this day as it was yesterday. It was a sunny autumn day, and I was going home from the college strolling along the park and listening to the leaves rustling. I sat on the bench to marvel at the beautiful view of nature. A few seconds later a small boy sat next to me. He was approximately 6 or 7 years old and had a huge rucksack on his back and looked very upset. At once he started to talk either to himself or me: “I want to become an astronaut but my parents don’t listen to me. They say I have to be a doctor because my father is a surgeon. But I won’t listen to them, I will become what I want to be because dreams exist to come true.” After that, he stood up, raised his head, and went away like a real hero. I sat in shock a few seconds, and a real veracity lightened my mind. If a small boy is sure that he should turn his dream into reality, why am I wasting my time doing what I don’t like? And that was a significant moment.

What did I Change My Life?

I told my parents that I made an unshakeable decision to leave college and spend all my free time in the dancing lessons. Mom and dad were upset, but they understood that it was impossible to persuade me once more. Since that time my life changed enormously. Several months later when I attended a one the best master class in New York, a choreographer offered me to become a part of his dancing team. It was best way get my childhood dreams into reality, and since that time I was lucky enough to travel to different countries with this team. We make various performances, most of our dancing is accompanied by the live piano music.

Now every time I dance on the stage in front of the public, I remember this small boy whose statements changed my life forever. He inspired me to pursue your dreams no matter how unrealistic they are. I hope, this short story about me will inspire others, and it will help you organize better life.


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