SAMPLE Creating Interview Questions

This is a hypothetical research topic and interview; no actual research took place. For this hypothetical study (just for this assignment) I obtained written consent from the one person involved in the interview who is a friend and coworker of mine. This assignment was done with only one person and not the full sample listed below that a real study might be done on. The person involved was not actually a teacher or involved in the EOC process at all so these responses are not accurate or true. The interview was done on our lunch break in private. I recorded the interview using a tape recorder. I typed up the answers after I re-listened to the recording. The below information is how a real study might be done; not the one interview done for this assignment only. The last section is the responses to the interview questions; once again they are not valid answers as it was not a teacher involved in the EOC process.
Phenomenon Information
The phenomenon being studied is teacher experiences of the new EOCs process. The central research question would be: “What are the experiences of teachers of high school students who had overall high course scores and low semester EOC scores in the first round of testing?’. The results of the study may help teachers and district personnel determine how to support and improve the EOC process.
Sample. The sample would be 10-15 chosen teachers who had students that took the EOCs in the first round of testing. The teachers involved in the sample would be chosen from ones that had students in their classes that had low EOC scores but overall high course grades otherwise. The researcher would obtain written consent from the school district, school work site location, and the teachers who would be interviewed. The school would choose a convenient location onsite where the interviews will take place. It will be a private room where no one else could hear or see the interview taking place.

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