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New York Times

New York Times is an American newspaper found in 1851. Office based in New York with online website named nytimes the website has a very pleasing effect to eye with easy to read and understandable content for their audience. They also offer two different languages for their readers Chinese and Espanol just on the top so people can choose in which language they are comfortable in it.

The website front page contains with local news that what is happening in USA as their main target audience is the people of USA and secondary is the other people the websites has various options such as technology, health, food, art etc.

One of the most interesting option in the website is World the option has sub options that specifies other countries about which country you want to know like Africa, Middle East, and Asia contains all the information around the world.

Engaging everyone on the one website by introducing the option of digital video by clicking to that option the most viewed video will be their cover page it not only contains current affairs but also related to arts, culture the videos span is 4 to 5 mins as people are busy in their daily life if they don’t get a chance to read they whole article can see the video and have the idea what’s going on around the world.

Pulse they have channels which people can subtribe for more updates. For the interaction and to connect with the people New York Times offers free sign up accounts so people can share their views and if they want to participate and can be a part of organization .

CNN (Cable News Network)

Cable News Network CNN propelled its site, (at first known as CNN Interactive), on August 30, 1995. The webpage pulled in developing enthusiasm over its first decade and is presently a standout amongst the most prominent news sites on the planet. The far reaching development of websites, internet based life and client produced substance have affected the webpage, and web journals specifically have centered CNN’s beforehand scattershot online contributions, most recognizably in the improvement and dispatch of CNN Pipeline in late 2005.

The website follows a great pattern the text and photos completely balance and has maintain it name since so many years. It offers different languages English, Arabic and Espanol. The interesting thing about the website is search bar is in the center the user don’t have to find the search bar and type. Just on the left there is an option when you click there is a big range of categories depending on the user needs for example if you are a sports lover below the sports column you will see option of football, cricket and much more.

Infographics section is also available in the world of digitalization videos play and important role and CNN website also give chance to its people to share the link of the story in their blogs, articles on social media and write what they think about the particular story. There is also links for their twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts where the audience can find the topline of the stories and news. Audience can comment on the social accounts freely.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) websites offer many languages and has different website for different language as BBC is old and has it credibility people prefer to visit this website. The follows a typical royal style and class with colors black and white.

BBC Online contains an assortment of substance running from News, sport, music, science, innovation and excitement, in addition to other things. The site has a British introduction, in spite of the fact that the landing page, news segment and sports segment each give diverse substance among UK and Universal guests. There are additionally independent pages for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland composed by the BBC Nations.

The site centers around the essential best dimension areas of News, Sport, Weather, iPlayer, TV and Radio. These are effectively open from the taskbar running over the highest point of all current BBC Online pages. Be that as it may, other best dimension areas are likewise in presence: some are accessible from a drop down rundown on the taskbar including CBBC, Comedy, Food, Health, History, Learning, Music, Science and Nature, while other best dimension spaces are just accessible through the A-Z record on the BBC site.

These incorporate Archives, Arts and Culture, Ethics, Gardening, Parenting, Religion and Travel news. Nonetheless, there are a lot progressively top dimension spaces. It also offers TV and Radio live on the website following bbc UK. The website also offer facilities to its People who have any questions and ask by creating an account and log in through it.

The Express Tribune

The Express Tribune website is considered to be one of the best English websites in Pakistan. The website has both options Urdu – e paper and English – e paper. It is the only newspaper in Pakistan which is affiliated with New York Times.

The website contains decent and formal look the usage of infographics creates interest of the user to read the article and each section is very well research. They also offer poling option what the people like and dislike and questions so they can share their option of governments policies.

Letters to editor option is also give for policies and improvement in the content, blogs are also publish. People can easily share the post on Facebook, twitter or any other social media website without any cost.

Dunya News

Dunya News website offers English language and Urdu language facilities to its user though if we compare English and Urdu website of Dunya news. The English is well organized and has a starting and ending line on the top on the website it has option of latest news option and live Tv coverage.

On the major mistakes they have done is instead of writing sports option on the title bar they have mention cricket. It seems like cricket is the only sport rest are not consider as sports .whereas in the Urdu website they have offer cricket and just next to it they have offer sports option. The Urdu website has so much text it makes the eye disturbs where to look first. One good think of the website is trend news are on the top some no one has to scroll down it right on the top.

People can easily share the post on Facebook, twitter or any other social media website. Dunya has dunya application which can be easily downloaded on smart phone or iPhone and if you can get notifications on your mobile

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