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We had electric scooters before but Revolt RV 400 is the first Indian electric motorcycle in India. It will be launched in July, 2019 in India and we will also get a chance to ride it as well, as the pre-booking amount of the electric bike RV 400 is Rs.1000 and it will commence from June 25, 2019. It also available online for booking on Revolts website (www.

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RV 400 Essay
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revoltmotors.com) and Amazon. In India, it will be available in Delhi and followed by NCR, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.


Revolt RV 400 is developed by Revolt Intellicorp.ltd owned by Rahul Sharma, who is the co-founder of Micromax informatics. He is with a view” to make personal mobility practical, affordable and sustainable “and he also claimed that Revolt Intellicorp is “here to disrupt this industry for sure “and it will be a game changer in the automobile industry in near future.

Revolt RV 400 is the first entry level electric vehicle (EV) with Artificial Intelligence from Revolt Motors and it has several other unique features. The product is not only a stunner but also challenges all electric vehicles need to silent or sound the same every day. Rahul Sharma betting on developing a connected ecosystem which will be an integral part of all our products and he can only assure us that the revolution has begun.

Revolt RV 400 –Design:

RV 400 is a street naked motor cycle. So as it has a muscular tank and beefy tank extensions. In front a low slung LED headlamp. The seat of the RV 400 bike is in upright position and the aesthetics of the bike will be improved because it contains alloy wheels. And the other components are batter y and the motor. Its rear end has a bolt on sub frame and it holds a one piece seat on a svelte rear section with a split –LED tail lamp setup. The design doesn’t looks fully futuristic like electric two-wheelers.

Features of Revolt RV 400:

RV 400 gets several other industries first features like as geo-fencing with theft protection which alerts the user if the bike leaves a certain perimeter, real-time statistics and diagnostics and many more. RV400 is a fully digital instrument cluster and also has a “star electric” functionality that enables the rider to start via dedicated app (all you have to do is say “revolt start”).it also uses a push ignition button in a place of a conventional key fob. The bike also provided with Bluetooth enabled a helmet which is cost around Rs. 4500 and it will be an optional extra.

In Revolt RV 400, the bike rider can change the “exhaust” note of the bike through his mobile phone. It will be the India’s first electric vehicle (EV) that come equipped with this feature.

Revolt RV 400 has ARAI certified range of 156kms on a single full charge along with a speed of 85kmph which is high powered by the Revolt app. The motor comes with three riding modes which is Eco, city, and sport.

The Revolt app available both in android and iOS which has salient features like “bike locator”, “theft protection”, “mobile swap stations”, “sound selection and preview”, “door step battery delivery” and many other utilities.

In Revolt RV 400, there is no charging issue as the company offering on board and portable charging features along with portable battery and also the company come up with home delivery options made available to every Indians.

The e-bike battery will be fully charged within four hours and it is water proofing and nail penetration. RV 400 comes with remote connectivity through the Revolt app and it can track battery and it will be made available in all the mobile swap stations of Revolt.

RV 400 has synthesized sounds which can change using Revolt app. The available sounds in apps are Sports, Dirt bike, Rumble, and Zoom. Its will be trendy because of its change in sounds in the silencer which is an exciting feature in RV400.

The company said Revolt RV400 will be affordable for everyone and it is a pleasant surprise that the cost of the electric motorcycle is between 1, 00,000 and 1, 20,000. The bike is available in two colors Rebel Red and Cosmic Black.

The company has the manufacturing facility with an annual capacity of 1.2 lakhs units situated at manesar in Haryana. It currently importing components like motors and battery cells from overseas as its eyes India’s nascent EV (electric vehicle) market.

Because of its feature, it surely soon garner double digit market share in the world’s largest two-wheeler market. Firstly, Revolt RV 400 which is a pollution free motor vehicle launched up against TVS Apache RTR 160 4V and the Suzuki Gixxer which is either of them is petrol powered motorcycles.

The Indian auto industry is set to witness a sea change as leading car companies across the world are now preparing to bring their electric car models to India. The domestic car companies are also gearing up to keep pace with the central government’s push for more and more electric vehicles on Indian roads. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today announced the reduction of GST on electric vehicles from 12% to 5%. She said that the government has already moved GST council to lower the GST rate on electric vehicles (EV) from 12% to 5%.

Also to make EVs affordable for consumers, government will provide additional income tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh on the interest paid on the loans taken to purchase EVs.Conclusion:

EVs today offer a once-in-a century opportunity. The auto industry, built on the century-old internal combustion engine (or ICE) and powered by fossil fuels, is facing all-round disruption. At a macro level, governments, including India’s, are worrying about climate change, surging pollution and crude import bill and energy security. Battery-run EVs with zero tail pipe emission are emerging as a good alternative. 

The biggest hurdle for India’s EV ramp up will come from its near non-existent EV ecosystem — from charging infrastructure to manufacturing of critical component supply like battery cells, motors and controllers, which are mostly being imported from China. “We need to build out our EV ecosystem”. 

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