Running Record Observation for a Preschooler Essay

Tom spins his jacket into the air and drops it on the floor. He picks up and hangs on the hook under his name tag. He asks his mom to take out his indoor shoes from the shoes rack. When his mom answers him to do himself, he walks to the rack and take out his indoor shoes from the basket that has his name on. After he sits down on the floor and changes the shoes, he put his outdoor shoes under his jacket nicely.

He runs to the washroom to wash his hands quickly and returns the classroom.

While walking slowly, he looks around what other children are doing and joins other boys who are playing with wooden blocks and cars on the carpet at the corner of the classroom. He sits down on the carpet and picks up one wood block from the plastic container. He stacks up a few blocks one by one very carefully. After stacking 7 blocks up high, he knocks them over with his hand with a little smile on his face.

He looks around and stares at the boy who is playing with moving animals for a while. He moves across from that boy on his knees . His eyes follows the movement of the moving dog. When the dog stops moving, he looks at that boy and giggles softly. He lifts it up with two fingers, put it down on the floor to let go toward the boy across back. When it bumps his leg on the way back to him, he mumbles, “Ouch!” quietly.

He lowers his upper body all the way down to the carpet and tries to blow it couple of times with his lips. He uses his hands to switch a direction toward the other guy. They send it back and forth to each other couple of time more. Tom searches around and spots other moving animals on the floor. He picks up a rabbit this time and put it down on the carpet to move. As it disappears under a shelf, he crawls toward the shelf. He lies down on his tummy and tries to look under to see where it goes. He stretches his arm under the shelf and moves from left to right. He sits down and puts it down on the floor as soon as he gets it out.

He sits down next to a teacher at the art table when she invites him for an art activities by calling his name. He watches teacher’s demonstration of the art work without any moving. When she shouts, “Go ahead”, he says, “What is this?” as picking one leaf up with fingers on the tray. He moves it on the green paper. He picks up a stick, dip into a glue jar with a right hand while holding the jar with a left hand. He taps the stick couple of times on the jar and scribbles on the paper up and down. When the paper tumbles a little bit, he holds the tip of the paper with the other hand firmly not to move. He puts down the stick next to the glue jar, picks up dry leaves and places them on the glue part of his paper. He taps his pointy finger on the table couple of times and grabs some more leaves and pastes them on the paper. He says, “I am done.” and moves toward a drying shelf with his art work on his two hands. He places it between shelves carefully. He dips his hands into the bucket filled with water next to the art table couple of times and dries with a towel.

He goes back to the carpet area where he played before. He watches a toy hamster on the floor and his friend’s face one each time and grabs the dog he played with before. He drops it on the floor soon and picks up an toy airplane instead. He creeps near the boy who is building wood blocks and taps lightly on his own knee with the airplane. He says, “I am playing with this.” showing the airplane to that boy. Tom talks to the boy, ” Why don’t you build something else?”. He swirls his airplane into the air in a circle with making “ah~~~” sound. He put it down on the floor and picks up a small wood block. He moves his block on the tracks that other boys already built together with long wood blocks. He stands up and walks to the container and pick up more blocks. He puts the block on the track and moves it like a toy car. When he sees another block on the way, he says, “I can’t move.” and crashes it with his block. His block and a few blocks are out of the track and some of them fall on his leg.

He starts to build blocks again and puts one big one to under a bridge part. He says, “Broken road, broken road.” One boy next to him calls out police. He picks a small yellow car on the floor and moves it back and forth on the wood block. He picks up two more cars from the container. He bumps one of cars to another boy’s car and searches his reaction on his face. Even though one girl who is passing by him says something to Tom, he does not respond her at all and turns his back away from her. He concentrates on moving his car on other boy’s arm. That girl follows him and tries to talk to him again. He says, “Do you know what? Broken road here.” pointing out the mess part of the wood track. When he approaches his car to another car his friend is playing with, that boy shouts, “Look, police car here. You are a bad car.” in a loud voice.

Tom answers, “I am not a bad car.” in a little bit high tone. He turns his back away from that boy right away and his hand reaches a large garbage truck. He opens the back door of the truck, slide down one little car in and sticks his fingers in to dig it out. He manages to take it out and walks to the group of boys near. When one boy destroys the wooden block road, he mumbles, “Oh, no, broken road!”. He walks away from the scene. He turns his car into the air in a circle. He picks up one car under his feet on the floor and looks around here and there. He asks something to the volunteer and moves to Quiet Area. He opens a foam sofa bed straight and lies down on it. He looks at a ceiling and covers himself with a blanket. He closes eyes and covers his head with the blanket. Then he gets out of it and starts to walk.

He stares at the girl who is playing with a doll house. He turns his head to find where the noise comes from when he hears someone crying. He watches the crying girl and the teacher who is comforting her on her laps for a while and walks back to the block area where he played before. He picks up a police car on the floor quickly and says, “Whose police car? It’s a police car.” He grabs it firmly with his fingers and walks backward to show it to the boy who yelled at Tom that he has the bad car before. Tom says, “I have a police car!” with a light smile on his face and moves it into the air back and forth slowly. He moves to Quiet Area and picks one book with the police car.

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