Roles of Youth Leaders to Church

Youth 615-bo1 integrating youth ministry into the home and church week 3


Welcome to discussion board 3. I look forward to your thoughts on this topic.


Roles of Youth Leaders to Church 1
In many settings, youth ministers are expected to be more of an activities director, than a disciple-maker due to the expectations of parents and others that it is more important for students to be entertained, than equipped and a missing expectation that the youth minister might also equip and engage the parents. With that in mind, discuss the roles you currently hold as a youth leader or the roles you observe in your own church or expect to hold as a youth leader. Share how you currently address or would address fulfilling those various roles. Based on your reading, how do you think your role needs to change? In your replies, explain at least 3 strategies from the readings and/or personal experience that enable the youth leader to balance the various roles.

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