Role of Employee Empowerment Unionism

The Vice-President of your union formed your Group to research 21st Century alternative strategies, specifically the Organizing Model and Employee Empowerment Unionism. The intent is to take the union from the current business union philosophy to one meeting today’s societal and workplace norms.Your Union represents 2,123 manufacturing employees within the same company at the same location. The Group takes out Budd’s Labor Relations textbook. Looking at page 160 and Table 5.1, the Group reviews the current and alternate strategies.


After much research and Group members sharing their thoughts on the alternatives, the Group needs to answer these three questions.Define and discuss Organizing Model? What are two pros and two cons?

Define and discuss Employee Empowerment Unionism?

What are two pros and two cons?

Which one of the two alternatives did the Group select? Why?

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