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Free Fitness for All

MKT 302a Marketing Fundamentals

December 2018

National University

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Executive Summary

Free Fitness for All is an outdoor fitness group that is located in the San Diego area. It is run by three physical trainers, who motivate people of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities. The program meets at various public locations for a free workout for one hour in the early morning, two days out of the week. Why is the program free, you may ask? With today’s high prices on products and services and with low payrolls, we are offering a chance to get fit, stay fit, and have fun at the same time.

We all remember growing up as kids playing outside without a care in the world. Why can’t we have that as adults? Free Fitness for All will take you back to those days, of running around (exercising) with your friends for an hour.

Fitness is for everyone, no matter age, size, or fitness level, and we want to make it free for you and your friends.


Staying fit has become a sales marketing scheme that tends to take your money in every way imaginable: from nutrition bars, gym memberships, to renting out towels at your local gym. Whatever happened to meeting up with your friends for a workout session indoors or outdoors? Which got a good sweat and decent workout out of you? Free Fitness for All guarantees that you will get a good sweat session / workout which will have you coming back for more. Not because of the price, which is free, but because of the atmosphere and the energy from the instructors and the people around you. People that want to be there early in the morning and motivate one another to workout, smile and be happy. No exercise equipment will be required, the only items for people to bring will be a water bottle, towel, an hour of your time, a smile and can do attitude to succeed.

Mission Statement

Free Fitness for All is committed to the community of San Diego by spreading the free service of getting fit no matter age or fitness level you are currently at, to bring a smile to your face and introduce you to new people. The mission is to be cost efficient, which is free, provide adequate exercises for all to join in on the fun, and to explore our city by holding random workout locations, so people can learn, explore, and enjoy our beautiful city. “Fitness is for everyone and it should be free,” is our motto.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis will allow Free Fitness for All to view the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that the program may face. By analyzing the following, it will allow for corrections or foresee any obstacles that the program may encounter.


The strength that Free Fitness for All is that it’s located in San Diego. On the Active website (, author Jennifer Fox (2018) states that San Diego is one of the healthiest cities in 2018. This will give the program a chance to flourish, since people are hungry for a new workout theme to participate in.

While there are other local gyms and workout groups in the vicinity of the San Diego area, they will offer the same workout, but with one major difference to our program, the price. The program will be offered for free, which will be the overall strength to push this program out to all. The program will give the opportunity to certain individuals to be driven by energetic workout leaders from the local area, as many training instructors are trying to make a name for themselves in the fitness community.

Another strength is looking at body image, many people are uncomfortable with their physical selves which is a “complex societal and environmental condition…and individual behaviors are powerfully shaped by the obesogenic environment, people are responding to the forces of their environment” environmental change is paramount to the transformation of body image according to (Cohen, 2005). When a group such as this comes together for positive, social, and physical exercise the outlook of one’s body image is bound to change in a positive direction.


Free Fitness for All will be organized by three co-leaders. This may show weakness in accountability, in that one or none of the instructors don’t show up on time to the described place or not at all. This will result in the people not believing in the program and/or mistrusting the instructors, especially if it encourages participation early in the morning.

Second, will be the parking situation with all the members’ vehicles, where will they park, how many are showing up, and can we instruct them to carpool? The co-leaders will need to canvass the area, the program will require future planning on their part, so the members have plenty of parking and avoid getting tickets from the city for illegal parking or paying for parking.

Another weakness is: Who will be held liable for the participants in regards to them getting hurt or injured during the workout? With all members exercising, a member might be prone to an injury or worse, if the co-leaders are not qualified to provide medical care, how will immediate care be given?

Lastly, causing damage to the city’s structures and property. Free Fitness for All, will be held around the city in all places to explore its surroundings. Damage to city structure and its property may occur, which may in turn cause the program to be liable for damages.


As mentioned in the strengths area, this program will give the opportunity to the co-leaders as well as participants to excel in the fitness community, by standing apart from their peers to make a name for themselves. Such opportunities as this allow for members to be brand representatives which promotes the program as well as the brand they are representing. The idea that free fitness should be for all, no matter their fitness level, is the best opportunity for everyone to participate in this great program. Also, this will give the co-leaders a great presence in the community by having them participate in a free community service. This will prompt many other opportunities as well, members will get a chance to network with each other and make new friends with people they would never get a chance to do in their daily lives.

Not only does this program promote healthy and free activities, it promotes a positive social environment where participants can enhance their mental health as well as their physical health. According to Rob McGillivray, a personal trainer and founder of RETROFIT, “I believe it to be a key indicator that working out in a motivational pack or using it as a tool to enhance internal or external competitive performance is fast becoming the preferred form of exercise” (Steinhilber, 2018).


The threats for the program can come from within or outside. One of those threats can be financial, the free program, which is for all, might come to a time that an amount of money will need to be asked from the participants, which will prompt hesitation from members joining the program. Second, can be a lack of participation from the co-leaders and members, which could render the program dead from the beginning. Both, co-leaders and members will require participation in the early morning, if they don’t plan ahead no one could show up. Third, could be locations of holding the workouts, some places may require permissions to use facilities or that could be off limits for exercising. If a member were to get injured during the workout and get no medical attention, they could take legal action against the group.

Marketing Objectives

Free Fitness for All will have a few marketing objectives to achieve for itself in the San Diego community. One of those objectives will be to promote health and fitness, in the manner of providing it to the community for free. Health and Fitness should not be only for those who could afford it with their wallets, but also with their commitment of getting healthy. The co-leaders will place emphasis on the objective that health and fitness should be offered to all for free.

Another objective will be offering community involvement, where the program is offered to all different body and fitness levels, for example, your runners (professional, intermediate, and beginners), your weight lifters, etc.

Target Market

Free Fitness for All targets will vary from areas, people, and communities in the vicinity of San Diego. The first target will be the people that suddenly decide to make a change in their lifestyle but don’t know where to turn. Second, will be the communities of San Diego, co-leaders and members will invite the communities to the workouts by direct invitation from current participants and word of mouth about the group. Third, will be the areas that can facilitate a workout area, mostly outdoors, of course. This will give the members an opportunity to participate in a great workout session and enjoy the weather that the city of San Diego has to offer all year.

Positioning Strategy

A weakness that can be viewed by some, is that it will not make a profit from its members, other programs that are similar profit from membership fees, products, and gimmicks. The program, Free Fitness for All, will be free for all, which is the overall strength that will have for itself because members will spread the word via social media and word of mouth. Members will be taken back when they hear about the price and will venture to their first session. It will have an impact on them, when they see that the community is brought together by energetic people that want to motivate them to work out and have a good time, all of this will be free.

Free Fitness for All is a unique program. It stands apart from all other health facilities and groups because it’s not held in one location, as your typical gym. It uses the city as its playground, by exploring new neighborhoods and areas that one would not typically visit on their own.

Your average gyms will require a year membership with a payment plan to join their facility. Free fitness for All will only require a member to show up on time to its workouts and have a great time while working out with other members.

Community involvement will be a big part in running and maintaining the program. The co-leaders will be required to be a big part of their community in promoting, recruiting and answering any questions that its members and potential members might ask. The program will be for the community run by the community.

Marketing Mix

The four P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) will make up the Marketing Mix strategy, these items will give the description of the business, which Free Fitness for All will be using to promote itself to get the necessary attention from its customers.

Product / Service

Free Fitness for All program will offer an hour-long workout session to all ages and fitness levels. The Physical Activity Guidelines (Second edition 2018), which can be downloaded from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion website, suggests “physical activity, preferably should be spread throughout the week. Research studies consistently show that activity performed on at least 3 days a week produces health benefits. Spreading physical activity across at least 3 days a week may also help reduce the risk of injury and prevent excessive fatigue.” (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP], 2018). The program will be offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 6 a.m. this will give members to work out early and give them time to get to work on time.


The price of the program Free Fitness for All, will be free. This will give members the opportunity to just concentrate on the workout session and not the price. Many gyms in the community will offer the same workout but at heavy price on a customer’s wallet. For example, Gold’s Gym, has following options “Option 1 has an initial cost of $149.99 with an additional $29.99 a month, for a total of $509.87 a year, while Option 2 has a down payment of $49.99, but is $39.99 a month, coming in at $529.87.” (Giebler, 2018)


Free Fitness for All will be held in all areas of the City of San Diego, that it has to offer. Some of those areas will be in Balboa Park, Old Town, Mission Bay and any other areas that are free to enter and easy accessible by all. The co-leaders will explore the city by driving around or by using websites for outdoor areas. One website, that will be use is, where it gives ideas and “it’s necessary to break free from the box and hit the great outdoors.” (Halvorson, 2018).


As social media have become more popular, many companies have begun to use these media for “social CRM” (Lamb, 2017, p. 317). The co-leaders of the program will heavily promote Free Fitness for All via all the social networking systems, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Also, after every workout session, the coleaders will ask its participating members to recruit at least one new member to the workout session—the word of mouth technique. Co-leaders will hold a recruiting contest every four months for its members, by offering a free backpack or water bottle, for whoever recruits the most in a two-week time period.


Overall, Free Fitness for All will prompt itself on its motto of Free Fitness to all and for free. The health fitness message of the program should be in everyone’s daily life and what better way for it to be spread as a free program by its co-leaders and members. Free Fitness for All will slowly and surely overcome its objectives through its community involvement and member’s participation.


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