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Media is one of the biggest influencers in today society. It gives people access to information in the simplest form. A lot of health and beauty organization use websites and blogs to discuss topics such as natural medicine and work alongside manufacturing companies and celebrities to promote this trend. The celebrities use their platforms to attract the people and get them hooked.

For example, SHAPE.Com released an article about Jenna Dwayne Tatum, an actor and dancer, using essential oils to in her everyday living. According to the article Jenna uses essential oils every day for skin care, she also uses them to treat colds, improve her moods and de-stress. Another example would be Ella Macpherson, Ella is an Australian model, actor and business women. On GETTHEGLOSS.COM she talks about how she wants to launch a new line of supplements. “We’ve been developing a new line of Super boosters, which is extremely exciting! They are therapeutic bioactive formulations designed for targeted support.

One of the first releases is Women’s Libido + Hormone Support. It’s a medicinal blend of herbs and adaptogens that help balance hormones naturally increase vitality and libido.” The popularity of these people not only brings in money but also exposure to their products which as a natural medicine does not have to be verified. This public exposure has also caused a rush for businesses to provide these products with additional ingredients and claims to make themselves stand out. This has led to a discrepancy in the value of the original (FORMULATION) to aid in health.

Another influencing factor is all the new research that is being published on the effectiveness of natural medicine. Researchers are noticing the trend of naturopathy and are conducting clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of the different therapies. Later in the presentation we will discuss the different naturopathic therapies and the research that supports the evidence of those therapies.

An influencing factors would also include the effects of drug therapy versus the alternative medicine. A common believe amongst the general population is that pharmaceutical drugs have a lot of adverse effects whereas natural medicine “can’t really hurt” (Don’t eat this if you’re eating that, 2015). According to the complementary and alternative medicine, 46 percent of

people seek natural medicine alternative therapies in contrast to visits for conventional care

People said they “Experience real and prompt physical relief from alternative therapies in contrast to visits for conventional care”. Natural medicine is also a lot cheaper than conventional medicine. A single prescription of medicine can cost hundreds of dollars. Whereas natural alternatives are sold at a much more reasonable price; for example, St John’s wort is known to be one of the most cost efficient antidepressant alternative for individuals with mild depression. According to Don’t eat this if you’re eating that, it is possible to save $50 million annually if consumers switches from standard anti-depressants to St John’s wort.


First step to health and treating illnesses is having a proper diet. Whenever providing client teaching, one off the biggest factors is nutrition and how it can affect our body in different ways for good or for the bad. A great resource that individuals can use is The Canadian food guide gives us the resources needed to educate ourselves on the foods needed to achieve a proper nutrition.

In today’s society, foods high in sodium are highly consumed by north Americans because is so abundantly available and cheap. When you walk into a grocery store, you will see healthy foods such as: fruits, veggies, fish are much more expensive in comparaison to candies, bacon, etc which leads to the majority of individuals being malnourished and increasing their risk to any future diseases. An example foods high in sodium are Processed food which ranges from candy bars to bakery products. Salt is highly used due to it preservation factor and it gives more flavor. However, according to Canada’s food guide website, a high intake in sodium can lead to an increase in blood pressure which can cause heart diseases as well as colorectal cancer.

When researching about the different types of food, I came across a book called: “don’t eat this if you’re taking that”. According to this book, vitamin K which can be found in veggies such as: onions and garlic contain an ingredient which is essential in the formation of blot clots and client’s on blood thinners (ex: Warfarin) and patient’s on anticoagulant should limit the amount of foods containing vitamin K due to the fact it can counter the effects of the medications.

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