Rizal Sa Dapitan Essay

Due to his continuous fight against the Spanish government and friars, Rizal was thrown to Dapitan. He made his life in Dapitan worthwhile by stretching a hand to help his fellow Filipinos there by executing his abilities to teach the children, to cure the sick and manage a small farm. Then he fell in love with an American lady namely Josephin Bracken, who went to the Philippines to seek medical help for her blinded stepfather. They married but failed to keep their child.

The movie ended when Rizal went to Cuba with his family.

Rizal sa Dapitan was a good portrayal of Rizal’s life while in Dapitan. Albert Martinez portrayed Rizal in an impressive way – a well-mannered gentleman, intelligent, respectable and handsome. The choice of actress of Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken was also rational – white skinned and beautiful, really American like. But Candy Pangilinan as Rizal’s sister was a bit unconvincing because she is a comedienne. That scene of her and Rizal arguing seemed like she was trying to make us laugh.

The script was also excellent.

Rizal used deep words, like a poet, like Edgar Allan Poe, the what we call as ‘matalinghaga’, and it showed us how intelligent Rizal was. They also used Spanish words which made me say, ‘What? Anu raw? ’ because there were no subtitles. The picture quality was not that good and the cutting of the scenes was confusing. For example, Rizal was talking to Father Sanchez then it abruptly switched to the scene when they were having some coffee. The movie also lacked music to add more emotion into every scene.

For example, in the scene when Josephine Bracken’s baby was being miscarried, there should have been music with an emotion of fear or fright. In the scene when Rizal was burying the baby, there should have been sad music. When it comes to the lessons that could be found in the movie, certainly much can be found in Rizal sa Dapitan. It taught me about the value of life and the beauty of children when Rizal and Bracken’s baby died. It taught me about the importance of freedom, and how to still live normally and fully if it had been denied of me.

It taught e not to cease and wither when it comes to fighting for what I think is right. Rizal sa Dapitan is not really a must watch movie, but as a history student or as a person who wants to discover deeper who Rizal really is, or know more about Philippine history, there’s no harm to give it a try. Rizal sa Dapitan was good, the choice of characters was also good, but there should be improvements in the script, cinematography and music. I think the highlights of Rizal’s life was not just only when he was in Dapitan, but during the climax of events before his execution.

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