Rizal Reflection Essay

It all started with stating the truth Rizal sapamamagitan his novel. The Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo became the step to increase the curtain to expose to the view that the deceptive words nasalikod government and church. In the novel answered the destructive defamatory allegation to the Filipinos. Stated the poor condition of the Philippines, they cry. Because of Rizal’s novel, lived in the hearts of the Filipinos their anger at government rebel and achieve independence of the Philippines against the government of Spain mapanlinglang.

For this reason, the government of Spain is accused of Jose Rizal as the ringleader of revelation. Even his brother Paciano was tortured for Rizal paaminin that are relevant to such a revelation. November 1896, Rizal was arrested and taken to Fort Santiago.

There he was forced to ipinaaamin when he related revelation. Rizal also recalls his past, how naikwento Paciano him by hanging three priests Martyr to martyrdom, the teaching of his mother, Teodora Alonzo proper prayer and the story of the young moth, he’s going to BIA ± an to study, the incarceration of her mother two years due to allegations that he poisoned her sister-in-law, his life at the Ateneo Municipal and treatment of eye problems Rizal in his nanang.

Like other defendants, Rizal were pinapili his lawyer for the defense to his side. Taviel Luis de Andrade, brother of former guards Taviel Jose Rizal, was the lawyer said. He Naikwento his life here at the University of Santo Tomas. In Santo Tomas medico course he would take. In her stay here, she learned not all people are equal.

Extremely discrimination of Filipino students here. Sometimes they meet in both students Filipinos they inaway students injured Espaà ± ol that Rizal. Bound up his wounds while Leonor’s father was also Leonor, his cousin and girlfriend, he comforted the angry heart of Rizal. Many were discussed Rizal and Taviel. One of these is the Rizal fought. According Taviel, the novel’s Rizal fought the government, religion, Spanish staff justice and honor of Spain. Kinatwiran Rizal as a writer, all his opponents as himself. Everything he wrote was rooted in reality, the things he wrote were found the Filipinos themselves, their history. They imprisoned, killed, dug the grave, cast .. Thus did the Spaniards in honor and history of the Philippines. As made pagpapahukay and exile river Padre Damaso in the body of Ibarra’s father; then he had it accepted its housing and feed on living he looks more avenged his father. Second is the preferred relayed Rizal in Spain.

Just ask Filipinos equality. A peaceful change through education and civic activities. Recognizing the Filipino as equal to Spanish. Third Rizal’s going to Europe. Wondering why Taviel was able to leave Leonor Rizal? What purpose more so than love heavyweight girlfriend? Went to various places around the world, who nagtutustos your place? A secret organization? Rizal remembered why then did he go to Europe. He sent his brother Paciano to study medicine there and do the right thing for the country. There he learns and he freely maipamumukha the stench of the Spanish government in the Philippines. Malaya he can write the necessary changes and justice in the city. But what about Leonor? Did nalang Pasyano’s “The nalang yourself Do you think?”

Looking back ..

Year 1884 when he arrived at the University Central de Madrid. Here he studied medicine. He was proven correct said his brother Paciano to freely express here the Filipinos. If they want to call foolish priest they say. If they want to be called stupid government papalakpakan they were on their mettle. This also established the Propaganda Movement. An organization that seeks freedom of speech and give equal rights as Filipinos by the Spaniards. Some members were Marcelo H. del Pilar, Mariano Ponce and Manuel Hidalgo. Sapamamagitan of La Solidaridad, the newspaper of the movement, the movement naipaparating their goals. While in the Philippines, gradually waking of Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere the people themselves, time of striking such narin Elijah said Ibarra. Consequently, in order to thwart the purposes of Rizal, banned and burned by the friars all copies of the Noli Me Tangere. Yet they used religion to control the Catholic Filipinos.

The fire shall devour any outrageous, and afraid to return inside the church. January year 1891 when Rizal returned to the Philippines. There was a clash of dawn movement to elect their president. According to Marcelo H. del Pilar, the adhikan of La Solidaridad is extreme privacy opposed Rizal. For him the cause of La Solidaridad should be national. Rizal’s return to the Philippines he founded La Liga Filipina. An association of Filipino pansibikong containing changes under the Spanish. Some members here are Domingo Franco, Jose Ramos, Ambrosio Salvador and Andres Bonifacio. But La Liga Filipina was still dream. Considered an organization in opposition to Spain.

Planted some subversive pamphlets agent of the friars in Rizal suitcase. As such, returning falange Rizal Philippines is ipinahuli that he and exiled to a distant place – to Dapitan. He adjoining sea. Seeming like a wide ink for a writer to write no. Being, the goal he purpose of a poet. As the waves come, went up. Would never claim .. Despite this, he also knew it was Josephine Bracken. Despite Rizal’s exile in Dapitan and writing a manifesto that he outbreak response to grievances of the Filipinos, the friars still wish he would die. Reached on replacing the Governor-General of the Philippines was Blanco because he was close to Rizal.

Currently ..

The next discussed Taviel Rizal and the content of El Filibusterismo. Indeed varied sure that the views of Rizal? The question of Taviel. According narin with Simoun in his novel: “Not enough reform.’s Not enough education and paper. Must be blood”. Not only that he used his novel to makapaghiganti? Because he lost his girlfriend, he lost his family, profession? Not that he betrayed his own art? He did not see the truth, he sees only its own ambition?

December 26th, 1896

Rizal Day trial. It illuminates when the real root of the revolution. On the sides of persecutor, Rizal accused as ringleader of the mutiny. And also because he wrote such as Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, and the different types of attacks and writings that contradict religion, the government intervened and Spain. Consequently, the appropriate punishment is death outrageous. On the defendant’s side also, by extension Rizal’s letters how should run the Philippines. Having equal rights and freedom for the Filipinos. But not suggestive and proves that Rizal was the cause of revolution. In fact, four years to the dates he Dapitan, he did not compose things in connection with politics.

And her visit by Dr. Pio Valenzuela in Dapitan to confer and come yayaing Rizal revolution, He gave his blessing to such plan uprising. Because narin not need it revolutionary. And eventually the permission to speak of Rizal, he said he would only freedom. Freedom not achieved since independence revolution but with education. Unfortunately hurried trial and the verdict was Rizal’s death. The trial is only one fraud. Since the verdict, Rizal visited her nanang and brothers. Given his mother’s last request and a lamp with the flesh of his last poems – the Mi Ultimo Adios.

December 30th, 1896

Day of death. While walking to the final destination, Rizal remembered his life in the Ateneo. The beginning of his happy days. The last request Rizal’s face he shoot him but he denied. Instead, requested Rizal’s just not nalang aim at his head. In Rizal mortality, as spread revolution in the Philippines. Philippines achieved its independence on the 12th of June, 1898. Several years ago, nadeklarang National Hero Rizal ..

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