Risk and optimal portfolios

The chosen topic is Risk and optimal portfolios which is in the Msc Diss doc. You can double check for that, if you have any question just leave a message.

Should discuss sections 1-4 in your outline…
1 Introduction: what are the research questions? why are they interesting / important?
2 Literature Review: an overview (more depth in dissertation!) of what has been done in the area
[Note: search Google, arxiv, ssrn, ideas, scopus; following one paper to another]
3 Methodology: an overview of the mathematical / statistical model(s) and technique(s) you will use. (will you compare methods? how will you test your results / evaluate performance?)
4 Data: state your data requirements and the sources you will use!
(if you have already found it, could even include summary statistics) chosen topic is Risk and optimal portfolios

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