Rights act

Question 1
a.Explain the procedure for preliminary rulings. Discuss the impact preliminary rulings have on the relationship between the Court of Justice of the European Union and the UK courts.
(50 marks)
Question 2
The pressure group, Rights for Apes, organised a peaceful protest outside its local zoo. It believes that the police who were present infringed its members’ human rights by trying to break-up the protest.
a.Which human right is likely to apply and why?
b.What impact has the Human Rights Act 1998 had on Rights for Apes ability to enforce this right?
c.Can Rights for Apes use the Human Rights Act 1998 to challenge the UK domestic legislation which regulates peaceful protests?
(40 marks)
Question 3
Reflecting on the process you have undertaken when completing TMA 03, what changes to your approach have you made as a result of your feedback? Identify and describe one target that you have set yourself for TMA 04. Explain the steps you will take ensure that you meet your target.
(10 marks)
We would suggest that you use the following number of words for each question:
Question 1 1000 words
Question 2 800 words
Question 3 200 words
You must provide a reference list and a word count. The reference list is not included in the word count.

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