REVIEW OF LITERATUREName of the Author Year Name of the Journal Essay


Name of the Author Year Name of the Journal Title of the Paper Methodology Adopted Major Arguments highlighted in the paper Major Findings/Conclusions drawn in the paper

1.Veema Tripathi

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REVIEW OF LITERATUREName of the Author Year Name of the Journal Essay
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2. J.Ken Corley II, Jack Jourdan and W.Rhea Ingram

3. Lubna Javed

4. P.K Kannan and Alice Li Jan 2012

31st Jan, 2013

Dec, 2013

Mar, 2017 International Journal of Social Sciences and Management

Information Systems (IS) journals

European Centre for Research Training and Development UK

International Journal of Research in Marketing Impact of digital marketing in India for teenagers.

Internet marketing: a content analysis of the research

Online Marketing Through Consumers: A Study of Effectiveness Of Various Tools and Techniques Across Industries

Digital marketing: A framework, review and research agenda The study uses content analysis that is represented because the scientific study of content of communication. it’s the content with relevancy the meanings, contexts and intentions contained in messages. Holsti (1968) says that it’s any technique for creating inferences by consistently and objectively distinctive such that characteristics of messages.

The approach to the present analysis of the web research is to initial establish trends within the data system (IS) literature. Specifically, we have a tendency to wanted to capture the trends referring to (1) the quantity and distribution of web selling articles revealed within the leading journals, (2) methodologies utilized in web research, and (3) the analysis topics being revealed during this space of analysis. throughout the analysis of the literature, we have a tendency to tried to spot gaps and desires within the analysis and thus discuss {a analysis| a search| an enquiry| a quest| a pursuit| a probe| an exploration| a ground work| a hunt| a research| a look} agenda that permits for the progression of research (Webster and Watson 2002). In short, we have a tendency to hope to color a representative landscape of the present web selling literature base in IS so as to influence the direction of future analysis efforts during this vital space of study.

Method information| of knowledge| of information} assortment knowledge utilized in this analysis is only primary data collected from the respondents. Personal surveys were conducted, and questionnaires were created to fill. Sampling Technique The sampling technique and procedure is unrestricted, non- chance sampling. Sample Size seventy-five respondentsfrom completely different areas of urban center, as well as offices and looking malls. Instrument of information assortment Questionnaires supported shut over queries, multiple alternative and likert scale.

The methodology utilized in this analysis is that the web research is to initial establish trends within the data system (IS) literature. The adaptation method enabled by the digital technologies creates price in new ways in which in new digital environments. establishments enabled by digital technologies build foundational capabilities to make such price together for his or her customers and for themselves. Processes enabled by digital technologies produce price through new client experiences and thru interactions among customers. The paper mentioned the role of teenagers within the family shopping for method and on-line whole choice by teenagers. The scientist believes the importance of understanding the characteristics and shopping for method of teenagers before drawing their role in on-line promoting. immature could be a transmutation growth post the childhood. This development fashioned the psychological development in a very stripling. Age of teenagers lies between the age bracket of thirteen to nineteen years. This transition involves biological, psychological and social changes.

This analysis tries to reason the varied net promoting activities in a very broad context toget with ways likeclient relationship management, electronic marketplaces, on-line auctions, in cyclewith distinctive IS problems together with computing device analysis, piracy, security, and technology design.

Online promoting will influence thepatron buying call and alter whole perceptions of various product of variousindustries. it’s the aim of this analysis to check the varied tools and techniques promoting managers will use to influence client buying call and whole perception by utilizing customers as their promoting plus.

Objectives for this paper area unit three-fold. First, we tend to develop and describe a framework for analysis in digital promoting that highlights the bit points within the promoting method yet as within the promoting strategy method wherever digital technologies area unit having and/or can have a major impact. Next, we tend to organize the developments and existent analysis round the components and bit points comprising the framework and review the analysis literature within the broadly speaking outlined digital promoting area.Using the framework, we tend to conjointly define the evolving problems round the touchpoints and associated queries for future analysis. Finally, we tend to integrate these known queries and set {a analysisa searchan enquirya questa pursuita probean explorationa groundworka hunta researcha look} agenda for future research in digital promoting. Social media is enjoying a vital role in delivering the impact of on-line media on teenagers. And social media have met with sizable success. firms will use social media as Associate in Nursing quality and will use it for his or her edges, though there should be some regulation and management for the conversations. Through social media has large potential however it mustn’t be accustomed manipulate by concealing promoting methods of teenagers.

Through this analysis paper it’s all over that web or on-line promoting is enjoying a vital role in today’s generation or surroundings. web promoting is wide employed by all the businesses and their square measure ways in whichalternative waysother ways} of victimization on-line promoting otherwise you will do promoting in such a lot of ways with the assistance of web.

Though social media has large potential however it mustn’t be accustomed manipulate by concealing promotingmethods of teenagers.

According to the analysis of sample size seventy-five respondents, we have a tendency to came to grasp that there’s no direct association of the studied variables (Consumer getting call, whole Perception and on-linepromoting through Consumers). shoppers either powerfully agree or agree that brand’s existence on social media is important for growth. virtually each manager agrees that promoting through word of mouth has major impact than doing it through chat section or email advertising. shoppers do choose word of mouth as a significant tool for on-line promoting. what is more this study contributes to the studies of various intellectual World Health Organization have worked on an equivalent subject. The conclusion to the paper is additionally endorsing what Sheth (1971) all over. consistent with him Word of Mouth is important tool than advisements in nurturing cognizance of Associate in Nursing innovation and in securing the choice to undertake the merchandise.

It is imperative that academic- and practitioner- communities work along so as to tackle these analysis problems(For examples, see Lilien & Rangaswamy, 2000; Roberts, Kayande, & Stremersch, 2014). For one, the pace of digital technology development has exaggerated staggeringly. there’s a requirement for analysisers to require a vital consider the research problems we have a tendency to made public with applicable knowledge from empiricalstudies and field experiments. Practitioners will give the material and lecturers will give the rigor, and along they will extend our data of the ever ever-changing digital surroundings. the nice news is that digital promoting is already seeing such collaborations and this augurs well for the long run.

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