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Discussion Questions

For this discussion, first read through the section, Health Consequences (pp. 46-57) from the World Health Organization report, Global status report on alcohol and health (Links to an external site.) and then complete the following steps:

In your initial post, highlight two statistics from the report regarding alcohol consumption and health. Discuss why these statistics are important. Note: Put the statistics into your own words—don’t quote the report.

Then, discuss what you think needs to change about our societal approach to alcohol to improve upon these statistics (e.g. do we need new laws, better education?).

Your post should be a minimum of 250 words (excluding references, should you choose to use any).

When you provide information from the report, follow it with an in-text citation. Also, provide a reference for the report at the bottom of your post.

Make sure you pay attention to the rubric and meet all of the requirements to get full credit for the assignment.

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