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Essay : My research was on the handover of hong kong and Macau, my research question was: To what extent did the handover influence the economics of hong kong and Macau?Hong Kong Britain occupied the island of Hong Kong on January 25, 1841. China was defeated in the war and had to give up Hong Kong to Britain in terms of the Treaty of Nanking. Therefore Hong Kong was captured and turned into a colony in 1843. Portuguese Macau was also controlled by the Portuguese at a period spanning from 1557 to 1999 (442 years).

With expanding overseas expeditions and trading needs, Portugal got permission to establish a trading settlement in Macau but with a price. Eventually, Portugal seized it and Macau became a colonized country.Today we are going to discuss whether or not The Handover has had a positive effect on Hong Kong and Macau’s economy.I will discuss in the body on what extent did the handover affect the growing economies of both countries and also presenting both of my perspectives towards this topic.

My purpose is to influence readers to possess a correct understanding of The Handover and its relation to Hong Kong and Macau’s Economy.These pictures here show a steady Increase in both trade amount and tourists served each year. This has helped Hong Kong to become a Chinese Trade Hub, and Macau to become the “Eastern Las Vegas”.The sources above depict a fast and steadily growing economy for Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong relies on import as its main industry. The Major imports were electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances, telecommunications and sound recordings. Those industries are also able to uplift Hong Kong’s economy due to the fact that it weighs an extremely large portion of the total Imports. With the handover, China has proceeded to create a tougher bond with Hong Kong, strengthening its place in the Hong Kong trade market. Multiple contracts are also signed to pledge a better future for citizens. For Macau, it was the exponentially increasing number of tourists especially those from China, therefore causing severe blockages in major attractions and immigration stations. In order to address this serious issue, the Macanese Government issued a countermeasure, called the IVS (Individual Visit Scheme). It enables Chinese tourists to visit Macau or Hong Kong on an individual basis, instead of group tours. It helped to relieve the serious congestions at major attractions while maintaining the profit produced. The IVS helped Macau to generate profit in a much productive manner.The handover provided Hong Kong and Macau with a great chance to improve themselves as a part of China , which later proved useful as many business opportunities with china appeared . Scroll down to read moreThere are no other airports in the world where tourists can reach the gambling centre of Macau and the Disneyland theme park in an hour, After the bridge is open, the west bank of the Pearl River is expected to receive a new thrust for opening up and innovation, and such momentum can be transmitted to the southwest as the bridge provides a new option for logistics, The passage above displays the significance of the finished Bridge Construction. It has helped transportation to multiple tourist attraction to be accessible.The quote above agrees that The Handover has also provided Hong Kong and Macau with many other benefits, such as Modernization and collaboration on infrastructures, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. The bridge has helped Hong Kong and Macau achieve a better economy because of its increased accessibility to places. The time used to travel between Hong Kong – Macau/Zhuhai through road has reduced from 180 mins to a mere 45 mins, further stimulating the flow of visitors. It also greatly influenced the Tourism and Casino industries in Macau as most of the visitors from all over the world to tend to do a short layover in Hong Kong then proceed by bus through the HZM Bridge to Macau for Sightseeing or Gambling purposes, especially for Chinese tourists. This provided Macau a stage to improve its economy through its main industries. The Bridge would also be proven significant because of its cooperation with the three places. This is a great chance to collaborate with each other and strengthen their relationships, which is critical for future development.The Handover was said to bring numerous advantages and endless possibilities , guaranteeing a better outcome . but now the downside has actually started to become evident as time passed . let’s have a look.Macau police said the restriction, which comes into effect on July 1, was intended to stop mainland tourists supposedly transiting through Macau from overstaying there.”To avoid Chinese tourists holding Chinese passports who make use of transit to effectively stay in Macau and not go to their destinations, the Public Security Police Force decided to adjust the related control again,” The quote above portrays the fact that Macau has slowly drowned in waves of tourists (Especially Chinese). This has slowly turned from a benefit to a harm. Macau wasn’t designed to hold such large amounts of tourists in a period of time.Handover’s disadvantage has slowly emerged. People are worried that Chinese tourists’ bad habits might put Macau in a harmful situation. The Chinese tourists are known with their ruthlessness and ability to destroy things. After a visit, a place that served Chinese Tourists would end up stench-filled and nasty. To eliminate this tricky problem, they released a solution back in 2003, Called the IVS. The IVS has decreased the number of group tours in a brief period of time, that resulted in the lowering of the total amount of tourists per year. But with bad fortune, both group tours and amount of tourists has skyrocketed after a period of time.To further resolve this problem, The Hong Kong and Macau government has released a bunch of preventive measures recently to prevent further damage to major attractions and historical sites but seems to be unhelpful. The noise and overcrowding caused by them is also a major issue. It has affected the daily lives of people living besides popular tourist attractions and also those who work at a tourist attraction. They have to constantly bear with extreme amounts of (Chinese) tourists every day, resulting in great pressure .The harm of the Chinese tourists induced by the Handover was serious . However , tourists did not negatively impact the economy , instead they have provided Hong Kong and Macau an endless stream of fortune through various industries .We will end our essay and begin the conclusion now . My conclusion to this essay: The Handover has strikingly influenced the economics of Hong Kong and Macau. With the Handover , China proceeded to guide them in a correct path which they can excel themselves . The collaboration on The HZM bridge was the most beneficial one in my own opinion as It promotes both strengthening relations and attracting more tourists . The Collaboration enables them to to participate in a massive event that requires craftsmanship and teamwork . with this experience , they will still be able to collaborate even in the future. Promising better relations and securing the economy . It also enables the economy to grow at a faster pace due to its capability to transport tourists effectively from one place to another . This is essential, as tourists usually lays over at Hong Kong from his/her origin then tranfers to macau to attend sightseeing activities using the Bridge, resulting in fast growing economies in both places. Annotated Bibliography:Ben, B. (2017, June 29). Hong Kong since the handover in charts. Retrieved May 22, 2019, from M. (2018, May). Economic growth and development in Macau (1999″2016): The role of the booming gaming industry. Retrieved May 23, 2019 K (2018, Oct 22) Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge offers opportunities for trade and logistics sectors, as police beef up security for grand opening. Retrieved May 23, 2019 M (2014, Jun 17)Macau tightens restriction on mainland Chinese tourists. Retrieved May 24, 2019

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