Research Project Part A Essay

GEOG210 (19S-O-B) – Human Geography Unit – 3 Research Project Part A By Amandeep Kaur Student Id ” 2018050040 BBA ” Ontario Yorkville University Submitted to: Donald LeffersSacred and Pilgrimage Landscape:The concept of Sacred, cultural places refers to religious activities involving rituals, heritage, the visual and cultural impact of all landscapes. India is a network of pilgrimage sites where millions of visitors engaged in spiritual practices. It is actually a faith-based environment or a place of myths. These places represent a link between earth and heaven where people visit to have blessings of God (for auspicious viewing).

Physical Appearance of Pilgrimage:The architecture of pilgrimage represented the story behind the landscapes. By sensing the spiritual appealing power of the landscapes (it’s surrounding, rituals, myths)one could feel the auspicious view of the heavenly environment but with the passage of time, the physical appearance has changed a lot. A person cannot judge a real view of land myths related to a landscape to help us to recognize the real world behind it.

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Research Project Part A Essay
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As in a new era, there are lots of transformation, renovations in ancient sites, nothing is the same. So, the collection of memories helps us to live the facilitate realization of imagined landscapes.Golden Temple( Sri Harmandir Sahib):The most ultra-innovative and sacred place of India is Golden Temple popular by the name of Sri Harmandir Sahib. It is situated in Amritsar Punjab founded by Sikh Gurus, Guru Ramdas and completed by Guru Arjun Dev Ji. It is an amazing and beautiful holy place as its exterior is covered with Gold. People throughout the world visit over there because of its rich history and to explore its significance.Historically, it is a Sikh temple but Sai Mian Mir-a-Muslim pir of Lahore lay its foundation stone 1589. The temple was rebuilt by Sikhs after it becomes the target of persecution and was destroyed several times by Muslim armies from Afghanistan and the Mughal empire. In 1757, they demolished the golden temple then Maharaja Ranjit Singh rebuilt in 1809 and overlaid the sanctum with gold foil in 1830. This has led to the name of the golden temple.Politically, In early 1980, the temple became a center of conflict between the Indian government led by Indra Gandhi . some Sikh groups and a militant movement led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale thinking to create a new nation named Khalistan.On the Base of the Observation:In India, there are a number of holy places. Throughout my life, I visit a number of them regardless of to which religion, caste it belongs but the landscape which always influence me is a golden temple. I love to visit over there approximately 4 to 5 times a month. Lastly, I visit there on 18 September 2018 with my whole family. Actually, I live in a rural area which is surrounded by fields and full of natural beauty and the golden temple is situated in an urban area(crowded place). I acknowledge a distinguish over there. it is a man-made area which is a far apart from natural beauty but close to God and spiritual powers. We generally go there by car but that day we visit by subway. When I reached there I observed the beauty of Golden temple it was really splendid. I have no words to explain how much it is beautiful.we walk through the heritage street and reached shoe house. During the entrance, all should remove their shoes, socks over there, it is a most crowded place but beautiful, the loud music of chores was going on with live telecast on multiple led’s and in front of it there was a fountain , we all walk through the way to the main gate where we cover our heads and wash our feet in the mark of respect of lord . Then we entered there. Full of fabulous view as the golden temple is surrounded by a holy tank(Sarovar which consist of Amrit) and it has four doors which represent it is open for all kind of people. Before bowing head in front of Guru Granth Sahib people we took bath in the holy tank because it is thought that the person will leave all the negative vibes and problems in the tank and will lead a happy life. Then we go ahead it the temple is situated in the middle of holy pool with gold plating at its top, as it the single building in the world which have gold plating ,everyone singing the name of God, some were murmuring some chores and we were enjoying the environment it was a pleasant view where we meet the number of foreigners clicking photos, making videos, but video shooting was ban inside the temple then after taking blessing of God we went for community kitchen hall to have food. Around one lakh people are fed for free every day at the golden temple langar.Then we read the history from the wall of a community kitchen that around 500 hundred years ago, Guru Nanak Dev Ji introduced the idea of langar where everyone could sit on the floor to have langar. In golden temple langar hall, all diners have to sit on floor irrespective of caste and creed which shows the symbol of equality. Food is prepared in a hygienic way most of the followers help in preparing food but wheat chappatis are made by machine also to serve one to two lakh people as the number of followers increase during occasions.IMPRINT ON WORLD:Golden Temple is popular throughout the world. Most of the visitors visit over there to have blessings of God to see the infrastructure and to have a look of a place like heaven.Not only countrymen follow the ritual and Guru saying but also people from other countries like London, England, America, and Canada became their followers, change their way of living, they tie turbans as a symbol of Sikhism, give motivational speech about Guru saying, read Sri Guru Granth Sahib – a holy Sikh book.For Instance, Justin Trudeau (President of Canada) visit last year in Golden Temple and said (Justin Trudeau) what an honor to be so well received at such a beautiful and meaning place we are filled with grace and humility. List of Reference:Importance of Golden Temple( 26 October 2017). Retrieved from: Sinha (January 2014). The Sacred landscapes of Braj India. Landscape Journal. Retrieved from: Of Harmandir Sahib and Justin Trudeau (President of Canada) in Amritsar (March 2018). Retrieved From:

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