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1      Executive Summary

2      Industry: Background and Situation Analysis

     Company: Background and Situation Analysis

     Brand: Background and Situation Analysis

5      Strategic Focus: Mission, Vision, Values

6      Research Methodology

7      Findings and Conclusions

8     Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilit


Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

This section of your report requires a very detailed, persuasive, and thoughtful response to demonstrate your ethical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

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You can quote articles regarding ethical concepts and ethical issues in the restaurant business to support your point of view, but you must provide in-text citations and include them in your bibliography.

Your SITUATION ANALYSIS should include things like SWOT Analysis.  


Information about the industry includes multiple competitors. Facts of interest include statistics such as the size and growth rate of the industry, the number of competitors, the different segments.Description of the industry and competitors.

Competitor’s market share (dollar share and share of locations)
Concentration of industry (highly concentrated, moderately concentrated, fragmented). Number of stores. Industry growth rate.



Information about the company includes all the divisions and restaurants owned by the company.  Sales, profit, business units, history, mission, vision, values, number of employees, number of restaurant locations, the year founded, the senior executives etc and the change in sales, profit, number of stores etc. over time. 10 page

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