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The main purpose of this report is to reveal information about the period of internship that occurred in Oil Rocks from 10th June until 21st June. In this document I will share and explain all processes and actions that we have done and learned in 10 days and write detailed information for each day. Furthermore, in this special document, it will be also possible to know and understand brief information about the history of this place, different parts of it, and the whole process that going on the iron pillars.

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report Essay
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Neft Dashlari is quite huge place located in the Caspian Sea and the distance from Baku is approximately 110 km, and in order to reach this area you travel by ship about 5 or 6 hours, and by helicopter near 15-20 minutes. It is quite tangible to mention that this area is the first Oil platform in not only Azerbaijan but also world that erected in the sea.

In 1949, 24th June the first exploration well was drilled and at approximately 942m oil was founded and daily production of that was 100 tons, and now that first well is kept as the starting point.

the first well

Day 1.

After six hours long way by ship, we have reached a fantastic place called Neft Dashlari in the Sea. For the first day, the most dangerous areas in that place were told us by engineers that we must be extremely careful about them. Furthermore, we were equipped with a type of helmet that can protect our head against some objects in dangerous situations. In addition to that, we had a brief lecture about safety. At that time we learned that every person who is working on any area in this place must follow the set of rules that quite crucial in terms of their lives and health of their colleagues. We were taught that the most important thing during the process for gaining oil is the health and life of workers.

After knowing all important things that enough in order to be in that place, we were ready for the settlement in our rooms and relax. There are quite comfortable rooms in buildings, special areas for the entertainment and relax of workers, engineers. There is a type of park with trees, grass that at the end of the day people can walk or sit here in order to talk to each other and forget tiredness of the whole day. Furthermore, there are areas where people are able to play football, volleyball, and even fitness hall, but it is not too large. In addition to those, there is also a clinic that here doctors are ready for any cases.

Oil Rocks(Neft Dashlari)

Day 2.

In the following day, we were in the office in order to go to different departments there. Each department has its own special responsibilities, work, and role. We visited mainly five compartments and there were engineers that informed us about the main principles of them and their departments. Yes, each one has their procedures, and work, however, the main aim(to get oil) is the same. These departments:

Technical production





Starting with technical production department its responsibility is about the production of oil and gas, transportation(is carried out underwater and on platform by means of pipes) of them, and test, application of the new apparatus and technologies that are important for the process of production. Furthermore, they also monitor the working process on different areas.

In terms of the following department (mechanics), its duty is to get mechanical apparatus, installation of them, and in any case repair. In addition to that, mechanics can determine the period of operation of apparatus and know approximate time for repair of them. Furthermore, they can also determine the amount of material which must be for new apparatus, and order them.

Next one is Geology, it usually working on the projection of new wells, and determine where should be the construction of a new oil platform. The monitoring of Geology department continuous until the time that first well drilled and we get oil form it.

After drilling well the next responsibilities belong to the department of exploitation. For this part, also development of well is quite important process.

As the last department that we visited there is called Energetics. The main duties of this department are to construct correctly the system of electroenergetics, to use it with saving, to construct electrical apparatus by following special rules, and to monitor electric lines that they must be as strong as possible.

Day 3.

We participated in a concert which was organized for the day of national salvation. On June 15, 1993, Azerbaijan entered history as the Day of National Salvation, and our statehood was saved from the threat of extinction. The national leader of the Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev, thanks to his rescue mission, preserved the independence of our country, eliminated the socio-political crisis in the republic and laid the foundation for development.

Day 4.

In that day, we observed the process of extraction of oil from well just on the platform. The name of that area is oil and gas extraction area number 2, and platform that is called 418a. We saw the special construction(X-Tree) which is on the wellhead, and the main principles of them. There is no even a shadow of the doubt that before the observation of area, some crucial information was given to us by engineers about the most dangerous places that we must be extremely careful about them. After the brief meeting, we started our observation with the well numbered 2633, they were extracting oil (3 tonnes for each day) from 1198m and not vertically. Generally, the most amount of well in Oil Rocks is drilling by an inclined method. We also observe a type of tree(X-tree) on the well. This tree is usually installed on the well after finishing the drilling process. The main purpose of a tree(a type of construction that erected on the wellhead) is to manage the flow(oil and gas), from the well. It can be also utilized in order to regulate the dose of water or gas to the well for getting enhanced production of oil. When the well and equipment are ready for oil and gas production and receipt, tree flaps are able to be opened and allow special fluid to flow along the streamlines.Furthermore, there are top and bottom production gate valves. During our tour, the top one was working. we have learned if there is an accident in terms of the upper valve another one will help engineers during the maintenance period in order to carry out the process without time-consuming. In addition to those, we have also observed one more device on it that called choke. It is quite tangible to say that the main work of it is to manipulate the amount of movement of fluid. It is also quite possible to say that it was illuminated us that most of wells there are drilling by means of the method called ‘Gas Lift’. Usually, it is carried out by means of the injection of gas through the tubes(mainly bettween the first and the second tubes), and also sometimes we can use amount of gas that taking from oil and collected behind the second tube.

After that, we visited the platform numbered 1541. Before starting our visit we watched a short video about safety(in any case of accident, what we must do, and where we must go). There were 14 wells and they had drilled 9 of them. Engineers said that for one well the required time period was 35 days, however, they had drilled one well in approximately 15 days. We asked the reason of the time interval between the given and actual from special engineers, and they said that by means of the new type of technology, and apparatus we are able to drill a well within less time rather than old times. Furthemore, we also learned that they are drilling 80-90 meter(maximum 150 meters) for each day, by the help of part( that called JZ-30, a type of tower above the well) of new technology. It is quite useful in terms of the economical aspects. For example, it is not required to break down it into separate parts after drilling process. It is possible to drill 3000 meters by means of it. Finally, engineers are able to save time and money by using this type of new technology.

Following that, we visited the place that some apparatus were fixing there. These devices are quite crucial, and we could catch the change to see some of them. For example, Drill Bit is using in order to break different layers and help to create a hole for our well.

Next one is called Elevator, and it is quite useful for the process of fixing of pipes into the well, and conductor is using for the connection between pipes or other devices.

Drill Bit Pipe elevator

Additionally, we were able to see a drilling motor near that place.

The operating principle of motor is to convert the force of the high-pressure drilling fluid into mechanical energy to rotate the bit. Usually, this type of motor is using in order to drill different layers that are not very strong, or after cementing process we can again drill a well by means of it. As the last part of our visit for that day, we went to the platform numbered 201 just near to previous place. There was only one active well(1669) and engineers who working there said that they extract approximately 11 tonnes of oil for each working day.

Day 5.

For the next day, we were again preparing for our new tour to the area of Geophysics and Geology. It is quite possible to say that there were a lot of devices that engineers using them for the determination of most specifications of a well. For example, a device with the name of G-35 is using for Electronic Logging and measure electric resistivity. By means of it, we can determine that at what depth there are oil and gas, however, it is able to withstand maximum 1200 atm pressure. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of those apparatus.

Next equipment is called Inclinometer, by using it, we can calculate the bending angle of well, and the exact place of azimuth.

Following one is called kavornometer and they are using it for the determination of shape, diameter of well. After knowing crucial information, we are able to calculate amount of cement for our well.

There was also a special equipment which is called AKV-1, and it helps us to monitor the quality of cement. We can say that it is able to do this by sending acoustic waves to the wall of well.

We have also learned that usually, the temperature of well is measuring from top to the bottom of it. The main reason for doing this is that temperature is increasing while going to the bottom, and if we start to measure from there, we cannot get exact data. The next station of our visit was to 331 numbered platform. It is a type of new platform and just the first well was drilling until the depth of 1000 meter. As it was new in comparison with other platforms, there were new apparatus, technologies. There were 10 wells, which were waiting for the drilling with a new type device called jz-30 which we also observed the same one in 1541 platform. We also could see a new type of pump that injects drilling solution into the well. It is called (3nb 1000f) and is able to pump 40 liters per second.

It is quite obvious that during the drilling process there may be different types of problems, and in order to not allow the creation of some problems always in that platform(and almost all of them) engineers monitor the ongoing process by means of special electronic systems via computers. Furthermore, by the help of them, we can see the actual depth, pressure, and other crucial information.

In addition to that, we could also see some special apparatus. For example, by utilizing the MW device, we are able to define the azimuth, bending angle, and the direction of the drill bit. The next one is called LW, and without it, we are not able to separate different layers. At the end of our tour, we visited again 1541a platform and observed the completion process of well which is numbered 2657 and they drilled it until the depth of 1150 meter.

Day 6.

In that day, our visit was first to Oil Collection Area(OCA) that all extracted oil from Oil Rocks is coming to there. First of all, gas is extracted from oil and committed to the special station of compressors via the line with low pressure. At the same time, oil(with sand, water, and other mechanical solutions) is going to united separators devices. After that, by means of the special equipment which is called comb, is forwarded to the settler. Here, oil initially extracted from water and some mechanical solutions. Following this, it is addressed to the special container located in the Commodity Tank Park(CTP) and it was our next station on that day.

As I said, followingly we went to the area called (CTP). Firstly, our attention was attracted by huge tanks that each of them can take 2000 cubic meters of fluid. This place itself divided into two parts( number 6, 5), and each part contains six containers. Oil leaves OCA and directly transported to the special tank in CTP, and some types of chemicals injected to that container in order to extract oil from water quickly. These chemicals called Demulqator, and consist of alkane, ND-12( this is the special one and produced in Azerbaijan), or other chemicals. These solutions are preparing for the pressure of each layer.

The engineer explains all the processes that exist in CTP. We understood that for the initial step, crude oil comes from the OCA and moves to zone six. After some filtration, the oil is moved to area number five, and by means of pneumatic furnaces, we can heat it here. In the next step, oil is gathered in quite a huge container in order to extract water from it and again commit to the oven. This process is continuous until the percentage of water is about 0.5%.

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