report about classification of networks name id contents cover page 1 table Essay

report about: classification of networks name: id: contents: cover page: 1 table of contents 2 introduction lan 3 man wan 4 conclusion 5 references 6 through the network the computer can connect and communicate with other computers through any medium. lans mans and wans are the three main types of networks that are designed to work in their area. there are some similarity and dissimilarity between them. one of the key differences in the geographic area covered by the lan. lans occupy the smallest area. man covers areas larger than lan and wan covers the largest area.

there are different types of computer networks: pan personal area network storage area network san enterprise private network epn virtual private network vpn local area network lan lan or local area network lan connects network devices in such a way that personal computers and workstations can share data tools and programs. computers and device groups are connected together by a switch or switch stack using the private addressing scheme defined in the tcp ip protocol.

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report about classification of networks name id contents cover page 1 table Essay
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the private address is unique with respect to other computers on the local network. routers are discovered at the edge of the lan and are connected to a larger wan. the number of connected computers is limited and the data is transmitted at a very high rate. by definition connections must be high-speed and relatively inexpensive hardware such as hubs network adapters and ethernet cables lans are privately owned including smaller geographical areas limited in size to a few kilometers office buildings homes hospitals schools and so on. lans are easy to design and maintain. communication media used for lan include twisted pair cable and coaxial cable. it covers short distances minimizing errors and noise. the data rate of the initial lan is 4 to 16 mbps. today the speed is typically 100 or 1000 mbps. propagation delay is very short on lan. the smallest lan can only be used by two computers but a large lan can accommodate thousands of computers. lans typically rely on wired connections to improve speed and security but wireless connections can also be part of a lan. there is more fault tolerance in the lan and less congestion in this network. for example students playing counter-strike in the same room without using the internet. metropolitan area network man a man or metropolitan area network includes a larger area than the wan and a smaller area than the lan. these computers connect two or more computers that are in the same or different cities but are separated from each other. it covers a large geographical area and can serve as an isp internet service provider man is designed for customers requiring high-speed connectivity. the speed of the man range is displayed in mbps. designing and maintaining a metropolitan area network is difficult. mans fault tolerance is small but there is more congestion on the network. it is expensive and may or may not be owned by a single organization. the data transmission speed and propagation delay of the man are normal. the devices used to transmit data via man are a modem and wired cable. an example of a man is part of a telephone company network that can provide high-speed dsl lines to a customer or a citys cable tv network. wide area network wan a wan or wide area network is a computer network that spans a wide area although it can be confined within the state or national boundaries. a wan can be a lan connection that connects to another lan through telephone lines and radio waves and can be restricted to the enterprise corporate or organization or accessible to the public. this technology is fast and relatively expensive. there are two types of wans: switched wan and point-to-point wan. wans are difficult to design and maintain. like man wans have fewer fault tolerance and more network congestion. the communication medium used for the wan is the pstn or satellite link. long-haul transmissions tend to cause more noise and errors on the wan. the wan data transfer rate is slow compared to the tenth lan speed. this is because of the distance increases and the number of servers and terminals increases. wan speeds range from a few kilobits per second kbps to megabits per second mbps propagation delays are one of the biggest problems we face here. the devices used to transmit data over the wan are fiber optic wires microwave ovens and satellites. an example of a switch wan is an asynchronous transfer mode atm network and a point-to-point wan is a dial-up line that connects your home computer to the internet. conclusion the advantages of lans over man and wans include excellent reliability of lans high data rates easy manageability and sharing peripherals. a local area network cannot cover a city or a city and requires a metropolitan area network that can connect a city or city group. also a wide area network is required to connect a country or country group. references: gary a. donahue june 2007 network warrior. oreilly. p. 5. wayne spivak 2001-07-13 has microsoft ever read the history books. varbusiness. archived from the original on 2010-10-11. scott w. ross; cavedo robert f. 1984-09-01 local area network demonstration procedures. u mitre corporation working paper no. wp83w00595. length of the text: 5347 (No spaces: 4465)Get new reportThe uniqueness of the text: 35.1 %We strongly recommend not to use this text for academic purposesI NEED 100% ORIGINAL TEXTShow all matches Are you working with content?Our free online plagiarism checker has a high level of accuracy offering you the exact uniqueness percentage and will help you avoid major problems with your texts. 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