Religion and Student Expression

Review the following Case Study and Perform analysis and debate in the

Religion and Student Expression

Jean Riley is the director of a small public preschool in a metropolitan school district. One of her best teachers asked her preschoolers to make a poster depicting things for which they were thankful. One student made a poster expressing thanks for Jesus. The posters were displayed in the hallway.  The student’s poster was removed but later returned in a less prominent place. The next year, the student brought in a biblical story for sharing time.

Religion and Student Expression 1

Discussion Questions You answer in 350 words 

1. Should the teacher read this biblical story to the class? Why or why not?

2. What is the legal issue surrounding both the poster and the biblical story?

3. What legal risks does the school incur (if any) if it permits both of these activities?

4. What legal risks does the school incur if it denies both of these practices?

5. How would the courts rule in this case? Explain your position in your class debate

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