Reflective Journal

Remember that reflections on individual assessment tasks require you to address the following twelve questions:

  • What have I learned?
  • Why did I learn?
  • When have I learned?
  • In what circumstances?
  • Under what conditions?
  • How have I learned or not, and do I know what kind of learner I am?
  • How does what I have learned fit into a full, continual plan for learning?
  • What difference has the learning made in my intellectual, personal, ethical, spiritual development?
  • Has my learning been connected, integrated, coherent?
  • Is my learning relevant, applicable, practical?
  • When, how, and why has my learning surprised me?
  • The disappointments?

Assessment criteria for reflective journal in this course

  • Completeness and presentation of entries;
  • Quality and depth of reflections;
  • Evidence of critical analysis;
  • Evidence of developing self-awareness and self-reflection relating to learning;
  • Capacity to demonstrate connections between personal experience and new knowledge in the discipline; and

Self-reflection on the achievement of unit and program learning outcomes

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