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The reflective essay is an essay which the writer shares his experience in life. Gibbs (1988) it’s a reflective cycle model that include 6 stages of reflection that help the writer to briefly evaluate what he needs to mention on his essay, Gibbs model is encouraging the people to use critical thinking. Gibbs reflective cycle enables us to reflect on the incident that we might face it daily or usually and learn from them. Gibbs’ intelligent cycle can be extremely valuable in making you thoroughly consider every one of the periods of an ordeal or movement.

it is anything but difficult to be excessively aware of the things that went poorly. Try not to be too hard on yourself! The Evaluation stage makes you consider the positive well as zones for development.

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reflective Essay
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Kolb’s (1984) learning hypothesis sets out four learning styles, which depend on a four-organize learning cycle. In this regard, Kolb’s model varies from others since it offers both an approach to comprehending singular learning styles, which he named the “Learning Styles Inventory” (LSI), and furthermore a clarification of a cycle of experiential discovering that applies to all students.

Implies identifying with or coming about because of experience while “exploratory” implies identifying with or dependent on trial. Kolb utilizes the expression “experiential” as his hypothesis depends more on the impression of encounters. While others use “test” while referencing trial request systems that expect students to test theory (analyse) about substance learning.

Both theories are important and valuable for me because it will give me a structure to follow in a certain way, it will provide me a starting point and it will help me to know when I will finish and what to finish with. Kolb’s (1984) provide four stages and it shows how people learn from experiences at work. there are two important stages for me one of them Abstract conceptualization it will help me to develop new ideas and think about what might happen and the other one is Active experimentation which will help me and lead me to correct my mistake and what I should do to improve if I got a new situation. Gibbs (1988) it will help me to go in good structure because the outlines stages are very useful to follow them, it will lead me to briefly explain what happened and what I am going to include in my essay.

After 3 months, I started to write this reflective essay to show how I had gained many benefits from this module. I had covered everything that I had learned in this module in my personal plan. This module gives me the opportunity to see how my future career will be and it was useful for me. In this essay, I will be reflecting on the assessment centre simulation that I had done during this module and the most important week for me was the w/c 29th of October in this week I was stressed and nervous because I need to prepare myself for the assessment centre simulation. I was completely worried because there is a lot of work that I need to do it and prepare for it. I was scared about answering the question that I will be asked in my interview. For the presentation on the simulation centre, I hadn’t worried to much because in the second semester of year one had done two presentations and I was thinking to use the same structure that I took it in the past presentation and the most important skill that the listener will be happy with it is the eye contact. The most section that scared me in the simulation centre is the group work because personally, I had some issue to get contact with people.

When we entry the room for the group exercise I was looking around me and the atmosphere wasn’t comfortable for me because I don’t know anyone inside the room and while we are doing the exercise everyone volunteer to do a part of the work and I get lost because I even hadn’t opened my mouth and speak with one word and my face was down and trying to waste the time on my phone. (‘’The assessor asked me if there is something, I can help you with”?) I suppose to answer her but unfortunately, I couldn’t answer her. I was upset because I was hoping the time go back the get involved with people and what upset me more was the feedback it was awful it was completely negative feedback for me and the assessor one her feedback mentioned one important thing put your phone away and speak up because she didn’t hear ant contribution from me and I wasn’t involved with people.

On my presentation, I decided to use PowerPoint for my presentation and Microsoft of word to complete my application form. It was easy stuff to use because usually in the university we are working on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to do the assessment. But at begging, I faced difficulties to choose the presentation topic and the time was stressing me at the end I choose to talk about the Brexit Impact because I have a general idea about the Brexit and when someone will ask me a question at end of my speech, I will be confident on my answer. When the presentation day came, I really want to give all that I gained from the module – as well as the presentation was done one my first year, I think that had done well but I struggle on the first two slides in my presentation. I had done one step to make the listener get interested on my topic I printed out some handouts for the listener to see where I’m and to give them a clear idea about what I’m going to cover.

During the presentation, I was feeling nervous because it’s my first time to do a presentation in front of assessor and a student from different groups I was struggling on at the begging but when I finished it I was feeling comfortable and I had cover everything and the at the end on my presentation ‘’the assessor asked me about why do you think the Brexit is not good for the united kingdom straight away I said to her that the pound rates since 30 years doesn’t fail to this rate”. My efforts to be confident as much as I can so I will deliver my presentation clearly and to speak with a clear voice that’s what I felt. One of the students said to me that my presentation was good and clear I felt happy and proud of myself. I was happy for what I had done, and I received a good feedback such as the assessor was happy with the content, I delivered the idea clearly, and she was happy from the question that she asked me and I had answered her directly. the negative feedback was that the assessor said to me you need to present without reading I was reading but this feedback will make me stronger and I will develop more skills to be ready for the next time because it was my first time and I was a little bit nervous. I promise myself to be calm and cool and focus on what the assessor said to improve it.

My last part in the simulation centre was doing the interview exercise and I need to prepare for it well because I need to be ready to answer the questions that the assessor might ask me. Lucy gave me some question to focus on them and she asked me to read the answers that I wrote on my application form. I arrived to the interview room and I was confident because I prepared for it well. the assessor was asking me and I was answering him clearly what makes me sure that I had done good answer is the feedback. The assessor was mention that I was polite and professional confident manner, I displayed some enthusiasm when I was answering the assessor and I was able to explain why I applied for this job.

I could do better if I elaborate on my response at the time because it was short and Lacked.

My IT skill* I probably will use PowerPoint again. Because I’m good at PowerPoint, it was a useful tool for me to make my presentation. That’s is what I think I had done. I need only to improve on my acting skills because it will help me a lot on the presentation such as I will deliver the idea perfectly, my eye contact will improve more. As I’m writing this, I am noticing how useful to go back over what I had done and compare it when I develop more in my skills.

Finally, it was an amazing experience to develop more skills to be ready when you finish the university study and apply for a job. It helped me to see my what skills that I got and what skills that I need to develop more, it shows me that I need to improve and get involved with people because in the life of employment I will be in this situation much time. In my presentation, I’m happy to get a great feedback but also it shows that to get a perfect presentation you need to save the slides in your mind without looking on them. The interview gives me great motivate because the feedback was great and it was my first time to do an interview and the assessor mention that I was professional and confident in my answer.

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