Reflections_Team10_1642286 Essay

Individual reflective writing Portfolio

The reasons your team used the selected frameworks, languages and tools?

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Reflections_Team10_1642286 Essay
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The team was given the task of creating a virtual tour that would showcase the dental hospital , showing

equipment’s, videos, and essentially navigate the user to their chosen rooms. We as a team choose to use

this specific framework ; Live tour lab , since it was able to meet the need s and requirement s easily ,

especially, their want for as many people as possible to be able to use this application.

By being able to put

it on a website and onto phones it ensures that as many people are capable of using this application .

Did you choose the right technology to solve the problem ?

As you can see in the table above, each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. I personally feel,

now looking at the number of advantages and disadvantages of the used framework and others I would

not choose to use any other instead of the already used framework ; Live tour lab.

An important reason we

used this framework instead of any other was due to the fact the project had a limited time of 4 weeks, so

it was important that we cap able to produce a functional and fit for purpose application as quickly as

possible. Now looking at the numbe r of advantages and disadvantages of the used framework , I would not

choose to use any other framework instead of the one that was used.

However, different engines were close to being used such as Unity, we as a team had existing knowledge

and t here is a lot of resources and support available . However, we decided that for this pro ject unity was

not feasible, As well as the time it would take to create what the client wanted could easily be done on

other frameworks at a faster rate .

We could have used ReactVR an d React360 . The main distinction between the two is that React360 has no

extensive support as it is still quite new, so choosing this could be a huge issue if an error or so forth

occurs . Furthermore, we could not use ReactVR as it was going to be deprecated by React360 being made

and surpassing it in its ability .

Goog le tour was a great candidate for providi ng a solution, it has a simple interface, great online tool, but

the biggest downside was its limitations. This framework does not have the ability to add videos, audio,

extra images on scenes, whi ch would go against the client’s needs and the purpose of the application we

were making .

Th e final choice we had available ; as you saw in the list above was Mozilla mixed reality is a great

framework, it used A -Frame, which is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences, and it has

been greatly optimised . This has made the transitions between ; “rooms ” to be smooth, relatively fast and

was used by recognised and h ighly distinguished companies, as example would be Disney . However, the

main issue of this framework is, certain features would not work on other browsers, which did not meet

our client’s needs .

I personally feel along with the team that the framework that we choose was the right framework . When

demoing the application to the client they seemed to be really engaged and happy with the overall

application in its current state and key features that has been added such as the mini -map fo r example.

Using this framework, we as a team were capable of easily and effectively create a demo of the application

that we could work from.

H ow were you influential in way the team progressed towards a solution?

I have been influential to the team in multiple stages of the development of this application.

I was firstly influential to the team by helping design and given feedback to the work agreement.

Since we all gave feedback, ideas and needs to the work agreement we as a team could agree and easily

work in line with the agreement.

I have been influential to the team by ensuring that key questions were asked to the client that would

be useful for the application development to know. This was beneficial to the overall team since we had

more of an idea of the client’s needs plus key features they would like to see in this application. When key

information from the client was given, I would take notes, or share emails from the client to the rest of the

team , or key information from t he email .

I was also influential by researching and seeing if different types of software would be useable to meet

the clients need. I focused on Mozilla mixed reality to see if it would be able to fulfil the needs fir the client

and be able to make the needed application prior to the team choosing to use Live tour lab . This helped

with progressing to a solution for the client by ensuring that different frameworks were tested to see their

effectiveness and if they would be suitable to work from for this task.

I have been overall influential to the team by, meeting up with the team outside of lecturing hours

to ensure key things are in an acceptable form and ready to use/do. An exam ple of this would be to ensure

that the presentation was planned and ready for. I ensured that I kept a good level of communication open

with the team, both face to face and on teams. This was overall helpful since it allowed me to gain help

from team mem bers if needed and vice versa.

I have finally been influential in the overall creation of the application by researching, adding

rooms, connection and information to the application. I talked with both the client and other members of

the team for their input on ideas such as text to speech for each room; this was initially turned down by

the team as it would be too difficult but, in later development one member of the team added this feature

when changing room. This helped with progressing to a solution for the client by ensuring there was a

good work flow and that the application was made to the time allotted.

How would you move from the prototype to a full commercial product release in

the future?

If I was to make a full y commercial product and carry on development, I would choose to continue

development with the cho sen framework . I would choose this framework over others since it has more

advantages then disadvantages compared to others and as mentioned prior it meets the needs of the


I have understood the risk of using a framework with an unknown developer and uncertain future

however, in such a short space of time we were able to achieve so much. I would like to see what we

would be able to achieve with more time to create this produc t. However, this is what I would like.

I would discuss with the client if they had a preferred framework. Even if they don’t have knowledge of this

subject they should be able to understand the problems that might happen when using an unknown

framework wi th an uncertain future. If they wanted to use framework with more of a certain future and

development such as Googles tours, I would explain the advantages and disadvantages but, I would meet

their request and use the chosen framework.

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