Reflection Paper Week 2Stress is something inevitable in our life Essay

Reflection Paper (Week 2)

Stress is something inevitable in our life. We unusually look for ways we can relieve all the stress specially us college students. This is when I feel yoga is the best thing to deal with everyday stress or anxiety. I feel that yoga all together is very calming and relaxing regardless of what kind of exercise you perform. The first yoga exercise mainly focusses of stress relief. The calming breathing exercise start a rush of blood through the body keeping it in a state where you feel all the strain being lifted off your head.

The poses while doing the breathing exercise enhance the circulation throughout the body and makes you feel stress free.

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Reflection Paper Week 2Stress is something inevitable in our life Essay
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The activity for Day-2 of week-2 by far has to be the most difficult for me. I have always been aware that my arms are not that strong when it comes to holding weight or a lot of strength. Since these yoga asanas required a lot of arm strength I could feel having difficulty.

Though all over I was able to do them slowly it was a difficult time planking as it required holding up a lot of body weight. Though practicing something like daily will only result in strengthening my arms. Day-3 Yoga asanas were my favorite so far. I had been feeling a lot of strain on my neck and shoulders lately and have also had some shoulder related issues in the past, therefor this particular Yoga video helped me out in multiple ways. For a start the whole activity was a good stretch that left me very refreshed. While performing some particular asanas I could feel a little pain as if my muscle is pulling but that later only left that area more relaxed. The cracking noise I heard while doing some of it was probably because I haven’t stretched my neck so well for a long time.

The better posture activity for day-4 was very helpful to me in many ways. For a person who naturally doesn’t have a very healthy posture it is required to do some yoga exercises that can help you. Most of the asanas in the video were based of breathing well while obtaining a certain pose. Since breathing keeps you calm it was easier changing postures but a little bit difficult being stable in them. However, the asana made me feel a lot better from what I did with my unhealthy posture. The week also included a meditation video on mindfulness. The idea of awakening yourself and making yourself aware makes you free of a lot of unnecessary things that are present in your subconscious mind.

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